Political prisoner Pavel Vinogradov sent to Wolf dens

Political prisoner Pavel Vinogradov identified colony to serve his sentence, but has kept on "Volodarka." The sentence former presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevich, Dmitry Uss and five other members of events will be announced Dec. 19 on May 26. Dmitry Novik political prisoner in Shklou colony sewing shoes. Mother accused Dmitri Bulanov, who faces four years in prison, is proud of his son.

Relatives of political prisoners who managed to get through the evening of May 25, aware of the statement Alexander Lukashenko, that he does not rule out the release of political prisoners. Reaction to the announcement has been kept: my interlocutors would like to believe the best, but did not rule and deception on the part of the author of the application.

The wife of former presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevich Marina Adamovich commented on the statement of Alexander Lukashenko:

"I think it's just a signal of readiness to start trading, but of course, hope springs eternal, and I hope for the best."

May 26 Leninsky Court will hear the sentences of former presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevich andDmitry Usu, as well as exhibition space Alexander Klaskouski, Alexander Kvyatkevichu, Artem Gribkova, Andrew Poznyak andDmitri Bulanov.

Mother Bulanava Claudia Y. said, "Radio Liberty", which has received a letter from his son. That's what Dmitry reported on the reasons due to which the sentence was announced on May 20 was postponed.

"Wrote that if they are brought to court was told that the judge had high blood pressure, and therefore postponed."

When they are brought to court was told that the judge had high blood pressure.

Savrasov also said that already shaved his head and "getting ready to step." Claudia Y. Bulanava said he was proud of his son because he did not submit, did not sign any paper that was required of him.

The prosecutor asked for Bulanava, Kvyatkevicha, fungal and Pazniak to 4 years in prison for Statkievich — 8 for Uss — 7, for a former police officer Klaskouski 8.5 years in prison.

May 24 Svetlana Gorokhovik, Woman sentenced to 4 years activist of "Tell the Truth" Pavel Vinogradov, saw him in custody on the street Volodarskogo. Svetlana said that, according to Paul, he has appointed a colony — "Wolf hole" under Ivatzevichi.

"Another said that Zhodinsky insulator going to send all political and not only, because the" Volodarka "places is not enough, the camera is overpopulated.

On the "Volodarka" places is not enough, the camera is overpopulated.

On Monday, the collected things began to leave their cells, and then returned back to the political. And the rest is gradually transferred. "

A few months spent on "Volodarka" Pavel Vinogradov finally got the camera bed.

Mother convicted of events of December 19 Dmitry Novik Natalia had a short meeting with his son in prison Shklovskaya: "Son on the conditions of detention and the attitude to his administration does not complain, he was given the job — sewing shoes." Lukashenka's statements regarding the possible release of political prisoners Natalia Novik said:

"So you want him to hurry out to all come out. For what they are miserable, so much sitting, for which they were humiliated so much! "


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