February 14, 2012 19:03


We have all heard about the phenomenon of poltergeists. Those who had to deal with it — too much. But while no one person can not give a precise explanation for this phenomenon.
Poltergeist is peculiar in that its "behavior" did not fit into the ideas about the world and what is known physical laws. Also, the behavior of "noisy spirit" is often unmotivated. Items can fly, changing the trajectory of the most unnatural manner, pulled out of the wall stream of fire, heard knocks, sounds similar to the cries and groans …
The study involved poltergeist scientific researchers of different institutions and disciplines, as well as amateurs. And as the scope of these people are diverse, and then explain this mysterious phenomenon are numerous.
Geophysics explain the phenomenon that occurs at the scene movement and subsidence, the formation of underground cavities or landslides occur. Scientists studying electrical phenomena, argue that the reason of strange events are magnetic storms that took place to be yesterday.

Cause random fires in poltergeists, consider a fireball that raskontsentrirovalas and turned into a gas. This zipper is not completely out of electricity, it is composed of a substance that does not have a big charge. When this substance is absorbed by the environment, then there is a fire. Fireballs can explode with great power and move objects.

Some researchers believe that a poltergeist — are actions of some extraterrestrial civilization that exists on Earth parallel to our own. Indeed, throughout the history of mankind, in the religion and mythology of various cultures, figure legends of creatures, much more advanced than our civilization.

Statistics show that the most active poltergeist in the evening. Most often, the first can turn heavy items — wardrobe, bed, desk. Further there is a swinging chandelier, fight mirrors, glass tableware. Small objects can fly around the room, dramatically changing its trajectory. Appliances on and off without anyone visible intervention, windows and doors with no drafts swing open with a bang, out of the walls or the ceiling may suddenly gush water.


Those present at the same time can hear voices clearly pronouncing sentence. Sudden changes in temperature can cause a fire. Animals caught in the midst of poltergeist activity, trying to escape from a room soon. As you can see — the field of the "noisy spirit" quite extensive …
The researchers note that the phenomenon can often be associated with one of the family members — often with a teenager. Because during his absence unexplained phenomena cease.
In an attempt to systematize and explain the mysterious phenomenon, born many hypotheses and versions of events. Here are some of them:
— remote hypnosis;
— parapsychologists experiments;
— mass hallucinations;
— ordinary inhabitants of the house raffle, where unexplained events occur;
— happening — it attempts another world to get in touch with a person (the soul of the dead, ghosts, goblins, etc.);
— experiments performed by an alien civilization;
— actions of people from the future, with the help of a time machine;
— share secret organizations (eg Freemasons, Zionists), whose purpose — to turn the materialist conception of humanity about the world.

As you can see — even the most scientific minds of our time are not yet able to give a precise explanation of what is happening. Hallucinations it, or waiting for the opening, the ordinary, but still unusual for us, a natural phenomenon? Time will tell …

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