Potash deal is not discussed. Belaruskaliy is not for sale

Neither Russia nor Belarus is not confirmed intentions to the sale of the shares of "Belaruskali".

The fact that Suleiman Kerimov is not going to buy "Belaruskali", told Reuters one of the major shareholders, "Uralkali" on condition of anonymity. "The negotiations are not conducted, and in general I'm not sure that a deal is possible," he said.

Earlier it was reported that the businessman Suleiman Kerimov asked the "Savings Bank" Russia for financing deal to buy a controlling stake "Belaruskaliy." Alexander Lukashenko praised the company for $ 30 billion, and does not exclude that from July 1, this amount will be indexed for inflation the dollar.

"The deal was never discussed with the" BRIC ", told reporters on Friday, the first vice-premier of the Belarusian government Vladimir Semashko on the sidelines of the economic forum in St. Petersburg. On He said, it's all invented by journalists themselves and deny. "Not for Sale" Belaruskali "said Semashko.

Managing Director of Kerimov "Nafta Moscow" Anton Averin told the "Freedom" that information as to the shareholders "BRIC" refused to buy "Belaruskali", they leave without comment.

"Uralkali" after the merger with "Silvinit" has become the largest and the only producer of potash in Russia. If here and joined "Belaruskali", the company would become the largest producer in the world.

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