Presidential Academy teacher fired for cooperation with the Russian media

Member of the Presidium of the Belarusian Public Association "Russia", the teacher of the Academy of Management under the President of the Republic of Belarus Sergei Shyptenku fired without explanation. He himself believed that he was denied the space for cooperation with the Russian media.

Sergei Shyptenka — an active supporter of the Union of Belarus and Russia. And the Russian media suggested that the integrator was fired for his comment on the negotiations Alexander Lukashenko with Patriarch of Constantinople Varfalyameem for allegedly establishing the Belarusian Autocephalous Church. But a spokesman for the administration of Alexander Lukashenko in an interview with Russian "Rosbaltu" said Sergei Shyptenka was fired "not for religious expression," and for the cooperation with the Russian opposition media. Here is what Sergey Shyptenka announced his dismissal in an interview with "Freedom":

"It was totally unexpected for me on Tuesday I got a call from the personnel department and was told that I fired, and offered to come in on Friday and pick up a work book. No one talked with me, did not show any complaints, and no meetings with no one there. I also did not ask, because it is clear that the accident at the beginning of the school year, when all rasplyanavana not done. Obviously, there was some sort of order, and in the rector's all done as quickly and as tough. The reaction is very tough and uncivilized evrastandartav by the standards to which we aspire.

Now I do not teach. It so happened that in our small country pedagogy — is synonymous with poverty. I was offered a job-related analytical work, and now I'm doing analytics. "

Reporter"How do you think is the true cause of your zvalnennya?"

"I believe that they deserve the attention of the messages that were in the Russian press, in particular on the site" Rosbaltu. " A source in the administration accurately razmezhavala my statements regarding the autocephaly that my zvalnenne not related to my position in the issue of coverage of the visit and my thoughts on the autocephalous status. She said that I had long publish texts and cooperate with the Russian resource and informagentsyyay "Regnum". Ostensibly, this is a sufficient basis for such people are not working in government agencies, in particular, in the Academy of Management. Quite a strange position, because at the same time I worked with the first channel BT, ONT, with the Belarusian Radio. I was also included in the outreach group of the Academy of Management and officially gave comments on TV and radio about the events that took place in our country and abroad. It is likely that some were necessary foundation to like to comment on the situation. After all, she is wild, crazy, and everybody understands that. "

The day after my dismissal I received the thanks of the State Border Committee of my lectures on ideology.

Nevertheless, Sergei Shyptenka says that remains a supporter of the Belarusian-Russian integration and has not changed his views on the political and legal system in Belarus:

"I've been pretty clear ideas about our political system and its shortcomings. Naturally, when I read the lectures and seminars, I taught her point of view as far as the correct form. And even more than that, the day after my dismissal I received the thanks of the State Border Committee of my lectures on the ideology that is probably liking. Well, you can not be an open person, off-grid, the rebels and at the same lecture so well that were sending their letters of thanks.

You see, I very clearly share their beliefs and their work. Sometimes you have to adjust your position a little bit in terms of teaching. But as far as my views and qualifications, they have not changed. Disadvantages are in any system, but the approach is inadequate in the event that the focus is on the shortcomings and negative. My task was to show the perspectives and solutions to problems. And possibly just this is not like people who are themselves incompetent, so trying to squeal every time the head those who are more competent, sees the problem and proposes ways to address it. This is our old disease from the Soviet era to the present day. "


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