Prominent designers leave this life, who will return?

On March 4, 82, died the famous Russian aircraft, which is almost 20 years as head of EDO "Sukhoi" Mikhail Simonov. Creator of the 1st of the best fighters of the world — the Su-27 and the whole family of its varieties as combat — the Su-30, Su-33, Su-34, Sou-35 and Su-26 sports and Su-26M, Su-29, Su-31, Su-49. On these aircraft, our pilots have been the gold winners of various championships in aerial acrobatics. Mikhail Simonov was a Hero of Russia, laureate of Lenin and municipal awards, Knight huge amount of Russian and, importantly, zabugornyh awards physician Engineering, active member of the Russian Academy of Engineering. That is such a person has lost Russian defense industry.

A week earlier, died the next outstanding designer, Nikititch Sergei Kovalev, who worked in the field of creation of strategic nuclear submarines. Twice Hero of Socialist Labor, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Lenin and State prizes, general designer 73 Russian strategic submarines — in fact everyone in this country. Among them and with unique features missile cruiser strategic focus of the class "Akula" Project 941, the West won the systematization of Typhoon. On board of the Premier League has 20 ballistic missiles, each of which carried 10 warheads with personal guidance (RSM-52 to systematize NATO SS-N-20).

Shortly before 2-these outstanding designers Our homeland lost Benjamin Pavlovich Yefremov which was the creator of the S-300V and a number of other air defense systems for the Army. Benjamin P. was the general designer of the NGO "Antaeus". Out of life and Boris Bunkin — General Designer of NPO "Almaz", the creator of Russian air defense system as a C-75, C-200, C-300P and its modifications, which have become the basis for a new set of S-400 air defense.

Prominent designers leave this life, who will return?
Mikhail Simonov. Creator of the 1st of the best fighters of the world — Su-27

Passed away and the deputy chief designer of the Tula Instrument Design Bureau Vasily Gryazev — the creator of almost 30 models of small tools, also six-barrel naval guns AK-630, which the Navy called "metallorezka" for the opportunity to virtually cut the ship in half at least some. In the ranks is still his friend and co-chief designer KBP Arkady G. Shipunov — also a prominent Russian gunsmith, whose, coupled with mud, the abbreviation of the General Staff was an ode to the best brands of small tools not only in Russia, but also in the world. The list of deceased famous Russian designers, due to which the Russian army and navy maintain their combat capability, you can continue for a long time, and this particularly bitter.

What did these distinguished designers, not including their famous talent, which could be called excellent, well beyond the reach of health now? You can list a number of unique properties, without which they would never have become the progenitors of the best in their own field of weapons systems. This is the gift of foresight, and the ability to take decisive actions, which may seem adventurous, but for all that these actions have always been verified and obmysleny and, ultimately, always led to success, and they had the ability to connect the 10's and weave like-minded people and to lead them. But the most important thing — it's a great feeling for the country and its people, which is very depending on your work and inspiration, as the ability to jump over all the obstacles and challenges to the merits of the ultimate goal, as they say among the people — to jump over his own head. Only these properties could be reincarnated master in the usual real creator, the creator and leader.

Sadly, what exactly these properties, with very few exceptions, is not enough for those who came to the place of the departed chief designers from us. In general, practical and not left on our defense enterprises of chief designers, which could be compared with Simonov, Ephraim, Kovalev Bunkin. Those who stayed, you can count on the fingers of one hand. Perfectly still, that is still with us from generation Shipunova personality and mud, behind which left an entire era — Sergey Mikheyev, Herbert A. Yefremov, Sergei Pavlovich Invincible Apollosovich Rostislav Belyakov, and still is, their disciples and followers. But with all this, one of you will be able to name the names of those who have come to replace the Yakovlev, Ilyushin, Tupolev, Utkin, Novozhilov who currently keeps their business? We can say that there is no longer the country that needed their creative genius, lost the sharpness of large and imminent danger of war, they did their best to prevent.

Prominent designers leave this life, who will return?

At the moment we have before us another country — The successor of which is not less, and maybe even more needs to be uncompromising and dedicated designers, well-known defense companies and engineering schools. Whose name will be the naming of new nuclear submarines and strategic missiles, surface ships, self-propelled guns and tanks, fighter jets and bombers far? It is unlikely that the names of those of today's top managers, who for the most part are not worried about the development of new systems and weapons systems, but only for commercial profit and ensuring their own well-being. Who can not even re-run the state program for the purchase of weapons. Those whom the interests of the country and its defense trevozhut only speculative. They look like a football team of Russia, who are ready to take the field and 90 minutes to show personal skills at the stadium in any country of the world, but all this can not jump over your head for the victory of the country for which they play.

The rhetorical question of "what to do?" In this situation, it seems already overdue. If you now need to raise patriotism, remember each of plainclothes duty, call adore their country, cottage, parents, appeal to the honor and dignity, then hope for the continuation of the traditions that were laid by people like Kovalev, Simonov and others are already very hard. Hard, but does not mean impossible. Hope — is the last thing that stays with us forever, we have to bid farewell to the history of the famous personalities of our defense industry.

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