Prosecution: The OSCE experts to complete the job

OSCE experts, which the Belarusian authorities were invited to review the test of the death of journalist Oleg Bebenina end up in Minsk.

A spokesman for the Prosecutor's Office of Belarus Petr Kiselev relatively quick end to the mission of the OSCE experts said:

"The work is nearing completion. We see that they all end up on the 29th, although they do not tell us anything. That to them the views on the results of the work, I do not know, because they do not share them. "

During the 3 days of the Minsk OSCE experts acquainted with the materials of an inspection carried out in the prosecutor's office, met with colleagues Oleg Bebenina and his friends, as well as Belarusian experts who did the autopsy. According to friends of the journalist, OSCE experts were to meet relatives Bebenina, but evidence that it was, yet.

Today it was reported that the OSCE envoys visited and inspected the cottage, where the evening of September 3 was found hanging in a loop of the journalist. When the events in early September was attended by members Bebenina Fedor Pavlicenco. It was understood when viewed in the garden including helped police carry the dead body of a journalist in a police car. What may now be interested in the country experts?

Pavlicenco"You know, there is no such things that would have rushed to his eyes, and that would indicate it was a murder, not a suicide. There is only circumstantial evidence that suggests that there is nothing wrong with the version of suicide. For example, when we got there, the house was perfectly cleaned. I am sure there are no fingerprints, no trace of the murder, since everything was cleaned up. But defiantly stood two empty bottles of balm. Like, Oleg them drunk before they die. With such perfect order in the country, these bottles have been a lot of contrast. After standing near the chair in a large room, so that immediately catches the eye. I think it was not very similar to the behavior of Oleg. "

With Fedor Pavlicenco OSCE experts met yesterday, October 27. According to a member of Oleg Bebenina, experts interested in the details that contradict the version of the suicide of a journalist. Fedor Pavlicenco primarily talked about that before Bebenina mood was good, he made plans for the following days. In particular, they agreed to a meeting, during which Bebenin promised to lend him money. Then this is the amount was found in the pocket in front of police officers during the inspection of a corpse.

Fedor Pavlicenco also spoke about the preliminary conclusion about the time police officer dares

They did not show any special interest, emotionally react to it is not ..

RCI journalist:

"He is still warm, you can be sure. So it happened a few hours ago, "- he said the policeman, when they carried the body to the problem. Fedor Pavlicenco believes that these words clearly contradict the final conclusions of the Belarusian sudmedeksperta, who pointed out that the death occurred Bebenina 2 September, the day before these events. As OSCE experts to respond to such a contradiction?

Pavlicenco"In part, they did not show any special interest, emotionally, this did not react. They are all fixed, asked clarifying questions, but no more. While all that I thought it necessary, I said. And that suit them. "

By Peter Kiseleva of republican prosecutor's office, he was unaware that the OSCE experts were asked to spend some additional expertise, including those not dealt with the exhumation of the body of journalist Oleg Bebenina.

Official verification of the death of the journalist continued to Nov. 3. The prosecutors say they still have not found data that would contradict the version of suicide Oleg Bebenina.


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