Putin, Obama and Jinping will be the last rulers before the coming end of the world



According to the predictions of Nostradamus, Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama and Xi Jinping will be the last major rulers in the history of mankind. Once they recover from the authorities, the people will gather for the final battle — Armageddon. This was told today, November 29, at a press conference in Chelyabinsk, author of "Viva, Nostradamus' Tamara Dubrovskaja.

She argues that the world's first mathematically found the key to all the 966 predictions of Nostradamus, decode them and gave explanations to anyone commenting on their past and future events in Europe, America and Asia. The author worked on it for nine years.

In addition to the predictions of Nostradamus, Tamara Dubrovskaja analyzed the prophecy and other historical figures. Thus, according to St. Seraphim of Sarov, formerly 2042 end of the world just does not come. But in Russia three times, "everything goes." On the interpretation of Tamara Dubrovsk, it means the end of the first Russian Empire and then the Soviet Union, and the coming collapse of the Russian Federation. According to the prediction of the blessed Athanasius, the Russian Federation is divided into four parts in 2018. This view echoes the forecast Seraphim of Sarov.

Predictions of the great prophet Nostradamus quatrains concluded in 966. If you add up the numbers, there are 21 in total. Thus, the end of the world can not say at least before 2021. "But after that, all our troubles will start", — said Tamara Dubrovskaja.

Nostradamus said 2012 special. This is a rare case of coincidence of the presidential elections in the three major world powers. Tamara Dubrovskaja notes that statistically it occurs no more often than once every 50 years.

Vladimir Putin will rule until 2018, Barack Obama will remain in power until 2016, Xi Jinping — until 2022. "Revelation say that these three will be the last ruler before collecting peoples battle of Armageddon. We are living the last years before something tragic great ", — said Tamara Dubrovskaja.

She finds confirm the predictions of the great prophets of the past in real life. Coming to the 2013 famine, for example, has to date results in an increase in bread prices and numerous corruption scandals.

Natalia Okorokova

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