Railway stations in Moscow, Warsaw and Kiev signed for Neklyaeva

The members of the initiative group of Vladimir Neklyaeva started collecting signatures among Belarusians in the capitals of neighboring countries. A gathering of signatures selected stations, where trains to Minsk.

Maksim Artemiev arrived in Moscow from the Gomel region. A young man working in the Russian capital, but do not forget about the events at home and at the suggestion of friends joined the initiative group to collect signatures for the poet Vladimir Neklyaeva.

Maxim over the Internet addressed to his compatriots who live in Moscow with an offer to subscribe for Neklyaeva. Activity fellow pleasantly surprised. It turned out for Neklyaeva many who want to subscribe and will vote for him in the election. The meeting was to gather signatures Maxim appointed at the Belarus station. Maxim also urged to sign up with your friends passenger trains that arrive or depart from Minsk in Belarus. What the voters of Belarus Artemyev said Maxim?

It is not that they all want to subscribe only Neklyaeva. It's about people want to change …

"You can not say that they all want to subscribe only Neklyaeva. It's about people want to change, to change the president. But there are ardent supporters of Lukashenka in including and those who live here. I talked with them and wonder why. Because people are living with the fact that work here, although they could live and work at home. "

Or do not interfere with collecting signatures on Moscow police station? Maksim Artemyev said that such problems have not yet been. We have pickers identity of the initiative group of Vladimir Neklyaeva they occasionally show the police.

"If they ask, then show ID. Will be against it, then leave. Police officers are afraid — then there is nothing to start these things. "

In this time in Warsaw at the station also vests with the inscription "For Neklyaeva" duty three activists. Among them — Vasily Lepesh, with whom I contacted by phone. Vasili said:

"The action is a demonstration to show that there are also active Belarusian youth. We all are doing and care, but we want it to show that we do not forget about Belarus and Belarusians support in Belarus. "

In Kiev, the station planned to collect signatures for Neklyaeva activist in March with friends, but contact with the girl failed. "Now the party can not take your call," — said in Ukrainian voice on the phone.

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