Rental office in Minsk is worth more than in New York

Minsk was on 41 place among the 50 most expensive cities in the world at prices to lease office space. Rating prices offices around the world every year by the consulting company Colliers International.

According to the company, the maximum rental rates for offices Minsk in the summer of 2010 reached 42.2 dollars per square meter per month. How much office space in the market, as far as they conform to international standards?

Rent office in Minsk expensive than, for example, in New York, Los Angeles, Munich and Dubai. Deputy Director of "Your capital Consult" Yuri Popov gave the following figures:

"The range of rents in the administrative offices ranges from 10 to 33 euros per square meter. Objects of class "A", which comply with international requirements, you can count on your fingers, there stakes are even higher. And indeed there is a shortage of such offices. "

Andrew Alyoshkin, Director of the Belarusian office of the American company "Kolierz International", which makes this the ratings, said:

"It is true. In fact, these are the rents due to the fact that not enough professional office centers. Speaking of international companies and large, when you start something for them to look for proposals is 2-3. And on this whole skachvaetstsa search. "

Chairman of the Belarusian Society of Appraisers Nikolai Trifonov agrees that the rental office in Minsk overstated:

"Remove Office in Minsk is much more expensive than in the capitals of neighboring Baltic states. And this concerns not only the situation at the present time of crisis. Before the crisis, the ratio of prices were the same. "

Office market of the capital is formed about 15 years. If prior to 2002 in this segment were only administrative buildings still the Soviet era, rebuilt premises on the ground floors of residential buildings, with the appearance of the first business centers, such as the "XXI Century" "Kamkon" picture changed. Representatives of Belarusian business began to understand that the office — it's not just a roof over your head. Convenient location, metro, communication, transport interchanges, parking, utulnasts, comfort — important components of business success. And in reputable international companies requirements are extremely high, says Yuri Popov:

"Let's come some large international company, which should be 1000-1500 square feet in the business center of class" A ". By corporate standards, they need to be in class "A", and they are willing to pay to is in the building at this level. Because we have missed them. So far. "

According to the company, "Your Capital Consult", operating in Minsk 43 business center. 22 of them belong to the lowest class "C", 17 — to a class "B", 4 — to a class "A" ("Nyamiha City", "Alexandrov Passage", "Sahak», Silver Tower ").

Director of the Belarusian office of the American company "Kolierz International" Andrew Alyoshkin believes that they do not meet international standards:

"A" class in Belarus there are no buildings.

"A" class in Belarus there are no buildings. We have not raised-floor, we do not have a control system that automatically closes the blinds itself, under the influence of sunlight — all you need to do yourself, by hand. We do not have really high speed internet. Together testifies in Belarus underdeveloped office market. "

But the modern business centers of class "B" is enough. Recently put into operation the "Port", "A-100" in Uruchcha, "The Terminal", "silhouette", "Kulmen" near Komarovka. There are many more being built. Andrew Alyoshkin continues:

"This is a business center on Melezh Timirjazeva — large complexes are being built. And a small company or an individual entrepreneur can afford 30, 40, 50 meters removed for cheap. There we have enough as it seems at first glance. "

Chairman of the Belarusian Society of Appraisers Nikolay Trifonov making this assessment:

"Now the office space of 150 square meters of luxury high enough. But the big offices of high-end, or vice versa, the small one-room office for the initial public offering is still in short supply. "

Now you can watch in Minsk paradoxical picture. Some new business centers are populated immediately (for example, "A100" on the street Gintovta, 1 Uruchcha-6 near the ring road completed in record time — up to 3 months). The second center of a room — empty. Can I understand the owner and the tenant to talk to him in the same language? Andrew Alyoshkin sure:

"You can keep the price of 40-50 euros and stand empty, and you can talk to the tenant and to understand its real potential. And your business plan to return correct — not 5 years old, and 10. IPod adequate to fill the center quickly, and then to watch what to do further. That is, it is necessary to listen to the two sides. And do not overstate or understate prices. After all there is, we should be in the market. "

We are now at the bottom, and actually crawl through it.

As for the trend of rent increases or vice versa, reduce, deputy director of "Your capital Consult" Yuri Popov expressed this prediction:

"We are now at the bottom, and actually crawl through it. Upward trend in rental rates is minimal. That is, rates may grow up, but for different segments in different ways. On the objects of class "C" rates are unlikely to rise. At the sites "B" — too. In the short term, I do not see the objects of class "A" in the market, so they can grow up these rates. "

Now vacancies in the offices there. Therefore, if you have to build, then very carefully, I am sure Andrew Alyoshkin:

"If building, in a very right place, with great parking. And just to build without parking pantry — it's just not necessary. This business center is empty. European, high-quality and inexpensive, not a mega-rate (30 euros and above), and 20 and below — that such will be the most popular. "

According to experts, the crisis has affected the office market. It was assumed that by 2011-12, the market was saturated in Minsk to objects of different class comfort. But the pace of construction decreased slightly, some investors who planned to build offices, prefer a standard apartment building, which is easier to sell. Therefore, the international standards Minsk could not close until 2015.


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