Rescuers put out 30 fires on the Yamal Peninsula in the area of almost 3 thousand hectares

Thirty forest fires on an area of about 3 hectares is raging in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, one of them — in the top-Taz Federal Reserve, an area of 865 hectares, according to the press service of the County Emergency Management.

"For the past day within the county arose 13 wildfires, 14 fires eliminated. Goes extinguishing wildfires 30, nine of which are located," — said in a statement.

Emphasizes that threats settlements and no economy.

"Rescuers" Yamalspasa "extinguish a fire in the Upper Taz Federal Reserve on the area 865 hectares, which appeared June 14 in 380 kilometers from the village of Tolka. Working on putting 53 people, including 45 rescuers" Yamalspasa ", — the report says.

Most fires registered in Pur district — is extinguishing 18 fires on an area of 1.3 hectares. Involved in extinguishing 259 rescuers "Yamalspasa", eight employees of fire protection, 28 units of special MES and five helicopter "MI-8".

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