Resident bitten by a rabid fox Tagil

Resident bitten by a rabid fox TagilFor the first time in 20 years in Nizhny Tagil was a case of human infection with rabies after being bitten by the animal.

Operational assistance provided to the victim, but the risk of death remains. The bodies of Sanitary and Epidemic Control avoid emergency called for greater attention to tagilchan correspondent to Nakanune.RU.

A resident of Nizhny Tagil Svetlana decided to go with their four pets near the suburban area. Allocated for timber space dog found some fox and began to wag her. Mistress animal was sorry: it drove the dogs took polupridushennuyu fox and brought to his site. Redhead predator does not appreciate kindness and grabbed rescuer's hand.

Soon the fox right in Greenhouses died, and Svetlana, who had managed to get the first time in the trauma care paragraph 3rd City Hospital, came to inspect the crime scene team SES. A week later — on Friday September 16 — it turned out that Fox is infected with rabies virus. Accordingly, there was a deadly health risk and Svetlana. According to her, the doctors warned the victim that needs a vaccine in the city.

Vyacheslav Pogudin, who served at that time the head of the authority of the city, aware of the state of emergency was not delivered for some reason. The fact of being bitten rabid fox responsible manager Hall learned from a reporter to Nakanune.RU, but in a telephone conversation promised to take the matter personally. It is learned that a special meeting with employees gorzdrava it conducted, Vlasova began to introduce disinfecting injection. It is true that the opinion of the physicians were divided: some believe that the action taken is enough, others believe — we need more effective treatments are in the city. And, therefore, there is no 100-percent guarantee cure the victim.

Meanwhile, the World Rabies Day is one of the resident dogs bitten began to show signs of rabies, and had to euthanize all. According to official data, the incubation period in humans may last from a few days up to one year, and no effective treatment — to lead to recurrent form of the disease. After the first symptoms of the disease to save the life of an infected person anymore. Since the bite tagilchanki barely more than two weeks.

Yesterday authorities Sanitary and Epidemic Control Nizhny Tagil again placed in the local media about the possible presence of a natural focus of infection and even define its boundaries: pos. Sandy — pos. Evstyuniha — neighborhood of San Donato (outskirts of Nizhny Tagil).

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