Resident Dalnegorsk collected hundreds evidence of extraterrestrial life

July 4, 2012 7:40

Today the world celebrates the International Day of ufology. According to statistics, the chance to see a UFO over a lifetime is at each of the twentieth. Resident Dalnegorsk collected hundreds evidence of extraterrestrial life.
Evgeny Kolesnikov, correspondent: "On Dalnegorsk known outside of Primorsky Krai and thanks to its rich mines and scenic landscapes. Journalists from around the world beckon mysterious mysteries that surround the city and the person that is looking for answers. "
Valery Brier, ufologist, "Well, here in my hand a piece of skin from the UFO, which fell in 1986 to a height of 611".

 This conclusion Valery Brier came after much research. This substance with unusual properties and composition. Code conducted experiments, no doubt remains — one of the peaks Dalnegorsk landed extraterrestrial object. And while no one has left a trace. For example, the stones that are literally welded together.
Valery Brier, ufologist "Temperatures that develop UFOs were as 5000 degrees! And five thousand degrees — is the surface temperature of the Sun. "
Exactly UFO crash at the top with 611 was the first mystery in the collection famous seaside ufologist. Almost thirty years of accumulated hundreds of samples — rare alloys, unique substances and unexplained phenomena. All subjected to careful scrutiny.
Valery Brier, ufologist, "It should be noted that much, just a great job held our Soviet scientists. In particular Novosibirsk Akademgorodok. Unfortunately, our Far Eastern science, roughly speaking, gone from this. Yes, we know that there is a commission on pseudoscience. People are afraid to communicate that falls on our head. I'll show you that we are falling. "
This is a video of the two cores, there are still photos of local residents and other Primorye. UFO seen by many as Dalnegorsk — zone specific. The boundaries of the gate to other worlds defined radar. In this triangle planes disappear from radar fails electronics.
Valery Brier, ufologist, "As we see, they often visit us here, because here there is a special area, the area of the triangle, the so-called worm transition from a different space."
Today, Valery Brier only in the Far East, and one of the few in Russia who are professionally engaged in ufology. And those who call it all lies, prefers not to argue, but sometimes gets declassified UFO papers marked Stalin. Today, he wants to build an expedition in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the crash site of the Tunguska meteorite.

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