Residents of the Syktyvkar all day because of the chemicals had asthma

Residents Ezhva Syktyvkar on Tuesday complained to the prosecutor's office of Komi suffocating smell in the air, the preliminary results of these checks are in excess of atmospheric content of a number of chemicals, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, Senior Assistant Attorney Komi Natalia Spiridonov.
According to her, the prosecutor Komi Vladimir Ponevezhsky September 27 inter-district prosecutor ordered environmental institute a check upon release during the day to air pollutants under Syktyvkar.
"In the morning and throughout the day, the prosecutor's office of the Komi people Ezhva been claims of unbearable smell, causing choking and deterioration of health" — said Spiridonov.
In Air Pollution locals accused the only production facility in the area — JSC "Mondi". On behalf of the Environmental Prosecutor Vladimir Ponevezhskogo with specialists Rospotrebnadzor and Rosprirodnadzor Komi went to Ezhvu to verify compliance with environmental and sanitary-epidemiological legislation now "Syktyvkar".
"According to preliminary information, the reason causing choking smell — the maximum permissible concentrations of some chemical compounds in the air. The examination, the course which took control by Vladimir Ponevezhsky, currently still in progress," — said the agency interlocutor.
As a result of the issue will be resolved on the application of prosecutorial response against the guilty officials.
In JSC "Mondi" RIA Novosti explained that during the day the production was carried out as usual, no internal state of emergency at the plant did not happen.
"Since we received on the public complaints plant management will hold an internal audit compliance with all standards in the production of works of today's changing employees," — said the guide "Syktyvkar".
JSC "Mondi Syktyvkar" — one of the largest producers of pulp and paper production in Russia. The company, which has about a thousand employees, specializing in particular in the production of office and offset paper, produces newsprint, cardboard for flat layers of corrugated cardboard.

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