Reuters: imported from Belarus Su-25 are fighting in Darfur

Sudanese authorities have violated the arms embargo in Darfur region, where there are military operations — including the set used in the conflict gunships from Belarus Russian-made Su-25. It is reported by Reuters, citing a confidential report to the UN Commission of Experts, which monitors compliance with the arms embargo.

According to the report, the Sudanese government to bypass the embargo in Darfur sent weapons and troops. Reuters reports citing UN diplomats, that the findings of the commission can be unpleasant for China, which supplied arms and ammunition to Sudan, but denied that he knew about the supply of arms to Darfur.

Most cartridges found at the scene of attacks on UN peacekeepers / African Union has a marking which indicates that these munitions were made China. Chinese officials have said that such markings are provided and non-Chinese firms, but further investigation has challenged the Chinese approval. Found in some cartridges also have a marking which indicates the origin of the origin of the Israeli munitions.

According to the Commission, the Darfur gunships were also used Russian-made Su-25. With 2008 Sudan has imported 15 such attack planes from Belarus. As the Reuters, a report has a picture of illicit flight of two Su-25 near the refugee camps, which violates the UN resolution number 1591.

By themselves, the supply of arms to Sudan are not illegal, but at the same time, under the terms of the UN embargo, require guarantees from the Sudanese authorities that the weapons will not be used in Darfur.

The conflict in Darfur broke out in 2003, when the rebels, in part of non-Arab origin, were against the government. As a result of military action, according to UN estimates, killed about 300 thousands of people.

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