Rite naming Slavs

You need to host the ceremony:

  1. Two priests (Magi):
    • one of the priests of light direction
    • second dark areas;
  2. Assistant priest;
  3. Man — father Imyanarekaemogo ritual;
  4. Three women — a mother and two ceremonial midwives;
  5. Imyanarekaemy himself;
  6. Three blankets (sheets), rainwear, cloth, etc.;
  7. One diaper;
  8. Cottage cheese, honey, milk, curd and honey can be pre-mixed in the same vessel;
  9. Horn for milk;
  10. A bowl of water;
  11. Bratina;
  12. National clothing for Imyanarekaemogo;
  13. Ceremonial drink — brew beer, brewed beer and good wine.

Prior to the ceremony must be away from the place of his priests (Magi) dark areas Kindle sacrificial funeral pyre or specifically add it to then quickly ignite.

Ritual father and mother, a midwife by imyanarekaemym selected or appointed from among members of the community or attending the ceremony (the festival).

What imyanarekaemy must prepare:

  1. Gifts of the Gods:
    • good red wine, kvass, beer, mead;
    • bread, meat (not the raw, cooked), or for want of sufficient funds oats or wheat;
  2. Clothes:
    • old, who will not be sorry then burn;
    • national dress — a national ritual shirt (below the knee), for women to the ground, now, better leather, not rope, winter footwear is desirable;
  3. Feast
    • treat participants Rite (adjustable based on the financial capacity Imyanarekaemogo).

Before beginning the ritual magicians and priests are obliged to explain the ritual mother, father, midwives their actions.

Rite. The first stage — the dark

  1. Priest (sorcerer) dark side takes anoint the hand, leads him to the place of the ceremony.
  2. Ceremonial objects or weapons encircles around a circle large enough to fit in it lying adult.
  3. Gives round the wards to not burst out of him navi. Spells or charms should be such as to firmly seal the output of the circle, but penetration into the circle imposing plot was free.
  4. Priest (sorcerer) does anoint ceremonial weapons demonstration fatal blows.
  5. Anoint the signal priest (magi) falls to the ground and take prenatal pose — presses her hands and knees to the chest.
  6. After anoint fallen priest (magus) asks the dark gods anoint to take away all the bad things he had in his life, all the extraneous, leaving only that which belongs to him by nature, from birth.
  7. When this is done, the priest (sorcerer), breaks the protective circle, removes anoint clothes (which is removed, agreed in advance, before the ceremony, but it is best if you removed all the clothes you need to take into account people's inferiority complex)
  8. anoint covering veil,
  9. goes to another place, to a prepared campfire where burns clothes anoint brings the promised gift, and spends himself for purifying ritual.

Then he can at will join marching further ceremony.

Rite. The second stage — light

  1. Priest (sorcerer) light direction leads to a place where lies anoint, ritual mother, father, midwives, traditional birth attendants are holding blankets, diaper mother.
  2. Priest (sorcerer) raised his hands and turns to Rod to confer the father and the mother.
  3. When an application is completed, the ritual mother falls to the ground, but rather sits and leans back on the birch.
  4. Midwife cover it on both sides of the public eye.
  5. After it closed, the priest (magician) says slavlenie at birth.
  6. The child was born.
  7. One of the midwives passes ceremonial father folded diaper,
  8. father and midwives coming to anoint lying on the ground and with a diaper throws a veil.
  9. Midwife poured water on it — wash the face and hands.
  10. Father raises anoint the ground, helping to get up, and puts it together with the midwives who support anoint — just touch his hands,
  11. carried him to his mother, who feeds him cottage cheese, honey, milk, water them from the horn.
  12. After birth, bathing and feeding is over, the father turns to the priest (the magician) to give a name to the newcomers.

Rite. Third Stage — naming

  1. Priest (sorcerer) takes anoint and displays in the center of the ceremony: it may be a temple, just a generic post or central bonfire.
  2. Priest (sorcerer) displays be named, put it to the audience at the ceremony by priests (Magi), ceremonial mother, father, birth attendants, guests and asks the question:
    Priest (magician):
    — Who's your senior Rod?
    Ancestor of the Great Faith
    Ancestors yours?
    Be named:
    — Rode In my tribe
    Ancestor Faith Ancestors
    Rhode parent, God is holy,
    He gave his whole stable!
    Priest (magician):
    — Senior! Ancient!
    In terms of sign,
    Grandson name is called,
    Sanctify name grandson,
    Whether you're here now, and be
    We look forward to you!
    The terms of this waiting for you!
  3. Everyone is silent and waiting. Waiting for a sign or signal. The arrival of the sign or signal determines Priest (sorcerer), conducting the ceremony.
  4. After the announcement of the passage of the sign (signal) Priest (magician):
    Priest (magician):
    — Ancient came, brought the name!
    Senior name called
    Name grandson sanctified
    Way to define it.
    And it sounds (name be named).
  5. Then the priest (the magician) thanked the senior and three shouts at him glory!
  6. After this comes the test be named:
    Priest (magician):
    — The sun rose clear,
    It's name Red.
    The name entered in the sun,
    Sun has given the truth,
    Light shone,
    She called the name of the light.
    You take the name given to you?
    Be named:
    — I take!
    — Water-vodyanitsa,
    Ancient Sister,
    The name of the water wash,
    Net name is called,
    Water gave the name,
    Net name she called.
    Do you take the name given to you?
    Be named:
    -I take!
    — Wind, wind, boy,
    Brother-wind heart of oak,
    Wind weakness runs,
    Burden razogonyu sorrows,
    Wind in the name of the will made,
    He called a strong name.
    Do you take the name given to you?
    Be named:
    — I take!
    — Mother-Raw-Earth
    Grain sang brought,
    The fruits of many people,
    The name bestowed prosperity.
    Mother Earth is generous,
    Rich name called.
    Do you take the name given to you?
    Be named:
    — I take!
    — All in a name
    Be named:
    — Yes! I accept!
    — Accept?
    Be named:
    — Yes! I accept!
    — Accept?
    Be named:
    — Yes! I accept!
    Priest (magician):
    — Lay the newly betrothed
    An offering before Churom our God (or the fire of our God)
    For his ancestor Elder.
    What gifts do you bring
    Older than his eldest?
  7. Priest (sorcerer) encourages and, if necessary, and helps lay gifts before naming Churom or fire.
    Priest (magician):
    — Take, Senior, gift Younger
    Born before his God and Rod
    Name it is approved.
    The ancestors of the tribe betrothed
    The common thread linking become
    To the knowledge of the Eternal Wisdom.
    Great famous family
    Bearing the name of the Glorious
    Ancestors glory will last.
    Communication between you and Rod
    From now forever tied.
    Let forever be.
    Vicious circle!
  8. Then the Priest (sorcerer) refers to consecration:
    Priest (magician):
    -Naming our (name)
    Fill the cup-Bratina
    Holy drink a holiday,
    Treat all go round yeah!
    Let everyone take Bratina
    Out of your hand, filled to the brim,
    And the word says is correct, parting.
  9. Priest (magician) and his assistant, helps to get around the naming Bratina (the Cup), all present at the ceremony. Each of the guests, taking the cup, says a parting word.
  10. When all enclosed bowl, Priest (sorcerer) brings fiancé, put it before the Churom or face to the audience:
    Priest (magician):
    — Here's two storonushki:
    Light and dark.
    Priest shows up on the sky and on the ground.
    — Day and Night — two storonushki —
    Flow together in the path name.
    Face to face, edge to edge
    Merge together,
    Provide a smooth whole.
    And whether you like that!
    Go straight dorozhenkoy.
    All parties are open to you.
    From vidnokraya to vidnokraya.
    Remember that the road for walking,
    That the gods only knew how to help,
    Bold, with its roads are not convergent
    Ancestors and the gods of the Slavs,
    Earth, holding the family and the home.
    Your Name sternly honest go.
    Covenants ancestors stored.
    Their children they teach.
    Now you're with them for ever and ever.
    Brother and Rodowicz from Rod Great.
    Glory to you (Name fiancé)!
    Glory to you (Name fiancé)!
    Glory to you (Name fiancé)!
    So be it!
  11. At these words, "So be it," Priest (sorcerer) has a stick in the ground, maintaining and ending with the words.
  12. If the ceremony there were other priests (Magi), the leading ritual fills the cup (Bratina) stretches her presence priest (magician):
    Priest (magician):
    — Take a bowl, say the word,
    Naming the path specify!

    And so each of those present priests (Magi). When all is said, a leading priest (magus) puts betrothed to one knee:

    Priest (magician):
    — If the name has honestly
    Krivda not in thine heart,
    Now your words
    Our Circle
    Scrapie his oath!
  13. Fiance says the oath in any form, this oath as he lay on the heart.
  14. After the oath Priest (magician):
    Priest (magician):
    — Now look! Now remember!
    Your oath Chur heard
    Fire seen
    Land taken,
    Water is absorbed,
    Wind blew,
    All heard,
    All seen.
    Reply to keep the people of all
    Kohl transgress his oath!
    Do you understand what was said?
    — Understand and remember!
    Then Magus:
    — Are you ready on their way forward?
    Are you ready to bear the name — after the old?
    -Yes, ready!
    Priest (sorcerer) hands him a cup filled with:
    — Ispey bowl full,
    Cup faithful, honest,
    Brotherly hand poured,
    Without lies and jealousy
    From a pure heart.
    Drink it and go!
    Sanctify their way!
    All now!
  15. All participants repeated the last phrase three times.
  16. Priest (Sorcerer) directs traffic fiancé in a circle along the sun to leave the circle.
  17. Anoint leaves, invites everyone to a feast — a feast.

The ritual is completed.

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