Robots as sex partners will extend the life of the people


Can sex with a robot to help people live longer? Some futurists have maintained this view. According to them, the robot lovers will help people to increase life expectancy, providing us with mind-blowing orgasms longevity, which are much superior to those that can give us our partners.

The link between orgasm and health are not yet fully understood. Some scientists believe that an orgasm is good for health, and women, who often have an orgasm during sex, live longer.

The idea is that, as in everything else, robots, in the end, will be better able to provide us with sexual pleasure, thus prolonging our lives.

According to futurists center Transhumanity that's what awaits us in the future:

"Seksboty be more desirable, patient, energetic and altruistic than men. Moreover, they will be endowed with superhuman in sex, having knowledge of erotic literature and experiments, and their structure will be incredible sex device."

Scientists believe that such robots will be able to skillfully perform oral stimulation, massage, G-spot and prostate, and they will have 2000 variants rhythm copulation with flavored lubricants.

It is not clear whether the orgasm produced by robots will help people to live longer, but many scholars argue that sex robots are the future of prostitution, and to be dominated by 2050.

The advantages of sex with machines called safe sex, no restrictions and uncertainty. Society to get rid of diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, as sex robots are made from a fabric resistant to the bacteria that will get rid of human excreta after use.

These predictions were based on the constant growth of the sex industry, admiring the beauty of the physical and social reforms in the fight against human trafficking. based on

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