Russia was always!

Now that Russia has its own ancient history! It is officially recorded the first International Congress "Dokirillovskaya Slavic written language and pre-Christian Slavic culture", held May 12-14, 2008 …

Russia was always!

Many people know the famous Bulgarian prophet Vanga's prophecy about the fate of the world in the twenty-first century. In accordance with the prediction of Vanga, not the United States of America in the form in which they are now out of inertia are still trying to rule the planet. Western Europe, unfortunately, the flood. When Wang was asked about Russia, at the time set by Boris Yeltsin on his knees, in the eyes of the blind clairvoyant suddenly flashed the light, and the pride in his voice rang: "Russia will sweep away all!"
His prophecy Vanga not treated. This made one of the most famous in our country children's poet Sergey Eremeev, by the way, a former correspondent of "Izvestia". He, in particular, said: "In the twenty first century, the planet will get Russian miracle — a unique, successful and fair civilization in Russia. Our people synthesizes millennial wisdom of the East and spent centuries the business acumen of the West. "

According to the President of the Academy of Sciences of the fundamental Andrew A. Tyunyaeva, this synthesis existed originally. It is because the great Russ, Russ was civilized … always!

1. Cyril and Methodius only changed the handwriting in the letter to Russian

— Andrey, your belief about the eternity of Russia is based on a hypothesis, or it is based on historical facts?

— Any conjecture without facts is unlikely to cause a huge public interest. Meanwhile, interest in the real, not invented and imposed by centuries of history today is truly colossal. This interest is due to quite understandable desire. We want to know more about their ancestors, their culture, their beliefs, their origin. Moreover, that counter-propaganda is still underway. Including, unfortunately, some local historians. Until recently, in many human minds forcibly crystallized following postulate: to the 9th century Russia was a wild primeval common illiterate people. It was only with the advent of Christianity, allegedly began a long-awaited education. Fortunately, much of the modern Russian scientists there are other opinions on this subject.

— In short, the science does not stand still?

— Academy of basic science gives much of energy and resources is studying the history of Russia, Russia. So, according to our data, the history of Russia has at least 30,000 years. And, again, this is — at least. In fact, perhaps it is even more significant digits. But these thirty thousand years — not the state of savages, as it tried to put other would-be researchers, and glorious, full of achievements story.

— What about the baptism of Russia and education brought by Cyril and Methodius?

— Here we are dealing with an entrenched historical propaganda. Although about baptism, not all completely clear. But one can say with certainty that for Russia it was a forced measure. Measure that would smooth over possible further negative consequences for our country.

— What does this mean?

— Ability to impose Russia in contemporary historical perspective of some other religion. And as Cyril and Methodius, something about them in terms of enlightenment, education, say, of course, you can. But given the fact that, historically, their education — a change of handwriting in the letter, which is actively used Russian for several millennia before Christ.

— But it is sometimes argued that to Cyril and Methodius in Russia and writing was not …

— Who claimed to be? We now know that in the 18-19 centuries in our history, there was a purposeful German domination.

2. Russian history composed … germanoroidy

— "Historical" Russia "discharged" from their lands German princess who became Russian Empress?

— It was. These germanorodnye scientists at full speed, "lined up" the history of the Russian people under the autocratic church wishes. Here again we are dealing with historical propaganda.

— However propaganda propaganda and truth truth. Our readers would be interested in your written documents.

— For highly suspicious to report that in the future, as our conversation, I will give only the facts set forth in the encyclopedia "Britannica" and the "Great Soviet Encyclopedia". So, the Germanic tribes, sometimes held up as our first parents themselves formed only 1 century BC. And settled on a fairly small area. Between the lower Rhine and the Vistula, the Danube and the Baltic and North Seas. But the map of St. Evseniya (about 330 BC), there was already Slavonic inscriptions! On placing a number of Slavic tribes at the time. These areas still bear the evidence at that time the name. But in 460 BC Fukind researcher says that the Slavs-Scythians is a populous tribe in the world. Saxo Grammaticus, in the year 500 BC says that when Frotone 3rd Russ and Huns attacked Denmark, King Russ Olimer commanded the fleet, and the king of the Huns — the land forces. And that's just the closest to the Germans part of Russian history. What kind of German praroditelstve can there be?

3. Russia — the native land of elephants

— Then maybe we Greeks in the "fathers" to call?

— Do not "can"! The Greeks themselves, as a people, young compared to Rusichi. The ancient Greeks called themselves Hellenes, Romans called it their Greeks. In Homeric times, they have not yet had a common name. The term "Hellenes" to refer to all the Greeks met the poet Archilochus in the 7th century BC In this ancient population of Greece Greeks themselves called pelazgov. So, right from the time of its formation, that is, 700 years BC, the Greeks knew about trade Slavic-Rus amber. Them from the word «Aost», meaning "amber", called «Aost-Rsi», «Ao-Rsi», «Aorsi»

— And what about the more ancient civilizations, such as Sumer, Iran? After Zoroaster was born in present-day Iran.

— No, and Bactria — this is not the birthplace of Slavic-Rus. Judging by the numerous historical confirmation, about two thousand years BC Slavic magus Zoroaster was born. Research Rohde, he was born in the city or Gdani Gedani, in Bactria, whose name reminds us involuntarily Slavic city of Gdansk. Father's name was Staroshastom Zoroaster and his mother — Dogdoyu. In his work, Zoroaster leads sixteen settlements parsskih than proposed by him, to the Baltic coast-dwellers. After moving back to the Wends, later named vyatichi brought their literacy. Of course, one could argue that the Iranians — is not Slavic-Rus. But even if we assume that they came from either the Sumerian-Akkadians of Mesopotamia between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, or from the Indian subcontinent, then in fact, and in another case, the ancestors of the Iranians still will Slavic-Rus. It is known that the Sumerians to the fifth millennium BC arrived in Mesopotamia from the Caucasus, inhabited only Slavic-Rus. A Hindustan was able to spread from its territory civilized people only from the second millennium BC But this is after the people of Hindustan formed from wild undeveloped tribes south of the peninsula, the cultivated who came here from the north of Russia, the civilized tribes of the Aryans. This is the white race later became known by the term "Indo-Europeans." Correct — "Slavic-Rus'.

4. Tridtsatitysyacheletnyaya Russia

— Surprisingly, however, in general, it is easy and reasonable, we have already reached the milestone in the history of Russia 5-6 thousand years BC! This is the limit?

— No, this is not the limit. Once again we take writing. Initially, any writing — is a reflection of the needs of a particular religious ritual. In pre-Christian times the only world religion was monotheistic Slavs. The symbolism of the Slavs entered the so-called svasticheskoy writing — developed system of ideographic and hieroglyphic symbols. I was just doing research these characters. And my collection consists of several hundred svasticheskih elements.

— What is the geography of svasticheskih characters?

— 3-2 millennia BC svasticheskaya a twist on ceramics Chalcolithic Tomsk-Chulym region and the gold and bronze Slavs found in burial mounds in the Kuban region of Stavropol. In the second half of the 4 millennium BC svasticheskie characters prevalent in the North Caucasus (where I came from the Sumerians — the ancient Slavs) in the form of huge models of the Sun-barrows. In terms of mounds are already known species of swastikas. Only magnified a thousand times. At the same time svastichesky ornament in the form of braids is often found on Neolithic Kama and Volga North. Swastika on a clay vessel, found in Samara, also dates from 4000 BC At the same time four-point zoomorphic swastika displayed on the container of the watershed of the Prut and the Dniester. In the 5th millennium BC Slavic religious symbols — the swastika — found everywhere. Anatolia in dishes displayed centripetal rectangular swastika covered by the two circles of fish and long-tailed birds. In northern Moldavia and the rivers Siret and Strypa and Moldavian Carpathians found spiral swastika. In the 6th millennium BC Swastika distributed in whorls in Mesopotamia, in the Neolithic culture Cucuteni-Tripoli, on cups, Samara, etc. In the 7th millennium BC Slavic swastika inscribed on clay seals Anatolia and Mesopotamia.

— Seven thousand years — it is almost a stone people in the caves! Is not it?

— Again, not so! Ornamental svasticheskaya grid found in stamps and on the bracelet, made of mammoth bones in Mezin Chernihiv region. This discovery of the 23 th millennium BC! A 35-40 thousand years ago the Neanderthals inhabited Siberia, due to the two-trehmillionnoletney adaptation acquired Caucasoid appearance, as evidenced by teenagers teeth found in the Altai Denisova cave, named Okladchikova Sibiryachiha and in the village. These anthropological studies carried American anthropologist C. Turner. Now almost everything!

— Well, well, cool! Perhaps it is the cradle of the birth of mankind …

— At least, human Caucasoid type, that is us — Russian. And our children — the Spanish, the English, the Germans, the French, the Iranians … We all, as they say, from the same mother. From mother Caucasian.

— On what was spoken children? Was one language or languages were little?

— But in this matter and is hidden by "unknown" forces the most important for us the truth! First, modern linguistic theory clearly states that the mother tongue was one, only one. He began to diverge around 40-30 thousand years BC. Second, as significant sources say, in a few thousand years of Slavic-Russian was one, one for all Caucasoid peoples. And he began to diverge into dialects only at the end of the second millennium BC. Can you guess which language protolanguage? I think so. What are the Greeks? What the Romans? What are the Germans? They just had yet to be born — our and your educators in quotes! In addition, the modern Russian language is the most difficult of all possible language organisms. In comparison, for example, in the majority of Chinese monosyllabic roots, and in the so-called Hebrew vowel marks (not even a letter) appeared recently. German language only a few years ago acquired the ability to properly "cut" incredibly long words to the words of the normal length. The English language is so to this day, remains the language of divers, raznoyazykovyh nemotyr. Their "office of Ivan" can not go into a full Russian "Ivanov."

— Very interesting … So where did it all our millennial heritage is now?

— That's right this is the problem today is not blinkered and biased historians — to establish the truth about the Russian people in the literal sense of the people — the progenitor civilization of Earth. But our history is hidden in a certain place. When in the 10th century, our country baptized at once, and our history, "disappeared." Just exactly the same as the biblical Ham castrated (castrated), his father Noah. The strange disappearance of Russian history! For multiple tens of thousands of years. Very strange. Meanwhile, all the honest researchers have long understood where and who is hidden. As they say, look who benefits. Today, we should be glad that not all archaeologists "believers." There are people who serve as scientific truth.

— Andrey, who you support in the scientific community?

— A lot. I wanted to call only one person. This Valery A. Chudinov. He is chairman of the Commission of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the culture of Ancient Rus. And a member of our academy. Remember, however, that the recent Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin visited the ancient Slavic city observatory Arkaim. At this point we have the support of almost everything!

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