Russian aircraft industry revived

United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) said on consignment for "Aviastar-SP" several programs at once. This is the launch of series production of military transport Il-476, Tu-204SM civilian, A320/A321 conversion into a cargo version, and also the center of customization of MS-21. On the current situation in the company and on what should be the competence of the plant for the main, "AviaPort" said CEO "Aviastar-SP" Sergey Dementiev.

— The company in the summer of 2010 there were problems with downloading, there was talk of a temporary suspension of production. What is the situation now?

— The situation is not so bad. The cuts at the plant was not. Yes, the staff was nezagruzhena, do not argue. First began to rise procurement department, then — agregatchiki, and set the company up to 800-1000 people were not provided with work. But we have decided to issue a federal employment programs, transferring some of the people on public works. On the "Aviastar" was a slight fall in the average wage of about two or three thousand, but participation in public works has brought people by 4330 rubles from the federal budget, in addition, we were paying people to pay two-thirds of the factory — for the simple. This allowed us to keep the team, no one quit, turnover was, but only natural. We have set the task to maintain the staff who are involved in the direct production of aircraft. In addition, at the initial stage of pre-production, we would like to outsource, but considering that the production sites have to get up some of the work associated with the preparation of production shifted to production workers.

— What is the current average age of the workers?

— The average age of the company was about 47 years old, it was necessary to rejuvenate the team, to attract young people. So at the end of 2009-2010, we stimulated the care of retirees on a holiday. It worked, about 400-500 people left the company with a decent severance pay, and the plant has the opportunity to take college graduates.

— How young you are taking a job in the previous year and a half — the numbers call that?

— With the institutions will take about 100 people in the first place — for the preparation of production.

— What is the production program "Aviastar" in 2010?

— The program consists of three parts: the construction and sale of aircraft continuing airworthiness and the modernization of the An-124 "Ruslan". The plant also has two SRED contract — for the construction of the Tu-204SM and Il-476, as well as the production of engines for reversals in the interests of the Perm Motor Plant.

In 2010, the company sold four Tu-204 Tu-204-100V supplied to North Korea, the Tu-204-300 in the VIP-version — of "VTB-Leasing", as well as two cargo Tu-204-100C transferred to IFK airlines "Aviastar-Tu." More on the 2010 transfer of aircraft we have in the business plan is not provided.

On the topic of modernization "Ruslan", everything is going according to schedule. Now change the plan of the second half of the year: in the stocks are already two An-124 instead of one. Defense Ministry officially notified the KLA, that we are the sole executor of works related to the theme of "Ruslan". Initially, 2015 was set out ten aircraft modernization, but the project state armaments program to 2020 is spelled restore airworthiness twenty cars.

— An-124 recovered in the same technical form?

— While almost in the same form, with minor changes in the navigation and communication equipment. But I hope that in the state program of armaments to 2020 will provide significant funds — at least, these negotiations were conducted — on the face of technical change in the name of the aircraft AN-124-100. Most of this should be done through Antonov, the KLA and the Ministry of Defence.

— Is there any clarity to resume serial production of An-124?

— The ultimate no clarity. But I think, given the challenges that the Defense Ministry has formulated a modernization of the fleet of AN-124, the resumption of normal production will be no earlier than 2015-17 period.

— Now the fate of the project MTA. "Aviastar" claims for accommodation building MTA in Ulyanovsk?

— Yes, it is still considered a prospect. However, the movement of the project MTA oversees the KLA. Competence "Aviastar" is defined building transport aircraft. Will, in addition to IL-476 is the MTA or any other type of aircraft — to solve the KLA.

— How is the preparation for mass production of Tu-204SM?

— Government Contract signed for construction of two Tu-204SM. The first machine we need to pass the certification tests on "Tupolev" in 2010, we are planning that this will happen in October-November. The term, unfortunately, moved, but the fact that the initial operator has changed: previously it was Iran, now — "Atlant-Soyuz". With the "Atlant-Soyuz" worked out a contract to supply ten machines and five — in the option, with the delivery beginning in 2012. "Tupolev" new technical person has worked with the airline, the interior has been agreed, the aircraft will be in three-class configuration: business class, improved business class and economy class.

However, at the plant in the production of final assembly for three Tu-204SM, fourth machine is docked at the fuselage, wing and empennage. Fifth Tu-204SM is at the stage of assembling units.

— Why is the first Tu-204SM is number 150?

— We left the reserve in the ordinal numbering of vintage type design, the Tu-204-100. Perhaps some of the airlines want to buy this type, rather than the Tu-204SM.

— When a contract can be signed for the construction of the Tu-204-300 to the Office of Presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation (UDP)?

— The plant has agreed to all the terms of the contract for the supply of the first pair of Tu-204-300 for UDP. Now the documents are being approved by the KLA and UDP, we expect that the contract will be signed before the end of 2010. Despite the fact that the contract has not been concluded, the KLA financing the construction, and the two Tu-204-300 are already in the production of final assembly. Their term of deposit — no later than 10 June 2011. In option will supply four more cars in 2012-2013.

— Tu-204-300 for property administration will be no elements of SM?

— Yes. However, the interior will be changed, so the "Tupolev" will take some time to get the supplement to the certificate type.

— Launch of the second pair of Tu-204-300 to the Office of Presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation is also funded by the KLA?

— Yes and no. The fact is that in 2008, the KLA has financed the purchase of basic materials and the lack of them does not test plant. In 2008, after it had completed a contract to supply 10 aircraft to the IFC, the issue is being followed for the supply of 32 Tu-204. And for them, supplies and purchased, it is on this amount. True, some of purchased materials we use to IL-476.

— That is, cost of materials to avoid that?

— Yes.

— And what about energy?

— Most of the price of the aircraft pulls no energy, and accessories. The share of CRP for 60% of price of the aircraft, along with the materials — about 80%. Rising prices for spare parts — exorbitant. If there is a serious problem of serial order with cheaper products would be able to solve. If we sign a contract for the delivery of 60 aircraft, and the funding will go immedi
ately, it will be possible to negotiate with the producers of the CRP reductions.

— At the VACO has launched a program of energy efficiency, the KLA has developed a similar program for "Aviastar". She has officially adopted?

— Yes, very recently. The company has passed an energy audit.

— The complexity of production of Tu-204-100 and Tu-204SM will be different?

— Plane Tu-204SM in comparison with the Tu-204-100B global changes will not undergo. There are changes in the structure of the aircraft on the flight deck equipment, in addition, the weight of the machine easier. If there is a series of works in a year and a half will produce one Tu-204 a month.

— UAC is considering releasing to "Aviastar" some components for the An-148, Tu-214, while they still collect?

— We offered the services of Voronezh, but so far limited by human beings: 50 sent to them agregatchikov. Although, if we run all the projects that are trying to build, will have to work hard to attract staff. If you go out on the release of three IL-476 in a year and five — Tu-204SM — half again have to increase the number of main workers.

— What is the fate of the contract to supply China Tu-204-120CE?

— It is mostly competence UAC

— Only a few Tu-204, which are still standing on the ground, in particular, the two cars in Zhukovsky. What is their fate?

— Two cars, of which you speak, probably belong to the airlines' Aviastar-Tu. " The plant has agreed terms to bring these aircraft type design, it is a direct contract with the airline. Its implementation will take four to five months, we plan to transfer to the end of the year "Aviastar-Tu" at least one car with adequate funding.

— Operators of the Tu-204 is not once mentioned about the problems with the maintenance of aircraft.

— Yes, the problems with warranty service is, we do not hide and seek with the KLA to rectify the situation. We have created a virtual pool of spare parts — provides logistics company "Air system" worked out by the concept of after-sales service. Now she agreed with the KLA and with the Corporation "Irkut". Basic service facility believe should be in Ulyanovsk. In this conception, there is the creation of line stations, in my understanding, there should be three — one in the Far East, perhaps on the basis of "Vladivostok Avia", the second in the mineral waters, the third in Moscow. Of course, this would require major funding

— When will be released the first flight model of the IL-476?

— Duration of the state contract — the end of 2011. The first flight image must be prepared and submitted to the test in October 2011, the resource model — in December 2011. All work carried out on pre-production, concentrated under these terms. The hope is that we have time.
KLA leadership decided to launch into production July 1, 2010 of three production machines.

— From the developer — MAK "Ilyushin" — all the documentation received?

— According to the airframe — the whole. Now the developer of us come to grips with the issue of documentation for the system.

— How do you assess the market IL-476?

— To a large extent this is the competence of the management company. However, we believe that this will be the main machine, which will produce "Aviastar". Now we are preparing the equipment for the release of three aircraft per year, but the leadership of the corporation "Irkut" tasked in 2013 to produce up to seven cars. Along with commercial orders, we estimate the program Il-476 is about 100 aircraft by 2020.

— KLA waged a series of talks on deliveries of IL-476. How active are now potential foreign customers?

— I think that will be the launch customer for the Defense Ministry. It is clear that for-profit companies is to be another plane, and certify it to be different rules.

— "Aviastar" was defined as the center of customization of MS-21.

— Yes, in the second quarter of 2010 the Corporation "Irkut" took the industrial model of cooperation. In Ulyanovsk, some elements will be manufactured airframe components plumage and black wings. "Green plane" will be collected in Irkutsk, then — fly to Ulyanovsk. On the "Aviastar" will be installed interior, the aircraft will be painted and give to the customer.

— What percentage of the selling price of MS-21 will fall "Aviastar"?

— The issue of multiple incorrect. Project MS-21 leads Corporation "Irkut", "Aviastar" with recently is part of the corporation. We are a team.

— The overall program of technical re-equipment companies financed in full, on schedule?

— The concept of re-equipment changed: if before the equipment is purchased in accordance with the individual programs, now — Competency. To provide facilities for the modernization of the Il-476 is funded in sufficient volume, his schedule is synchronized with the program of creation of this plane. On the prospect of a new concept re-equipment with new projects. It will be coordinated with a jab to the end of the year.

— What are the competence of the KLA fixes for "Aviastar"?

— Release of aircraft transport aircraft. Competency — production units, composite manufacturing, final assembly.

— So, the plant focused on two programs: IL-476 and MS-21?

— I would not say that we are focused on MS-21, because in this program we will perform finishing operations. Our core competence in the near future, I think — it is the assembly of transport aircraft. Now it is a military transport and commercial IL-476. Perhaps in the future we will focus on mass production, "Ruslan". In addition, at least until 2016, until it goes into a series of MS-21 will be produced Tu-204. The competence of the Tu-204 will be retained in the enterprise, as long as these machines will be in operation — in order to maintain airworthiness.

— Tell us about the preparation of the conversion of aircraft Airbus A320.

— Conversion is scheduled to begin in 2012, the first sample — in 2012. Who practiced planning decisions, the choice is already made virtually the placement line conversion in the production of final assembly, along with the assembly of the Tu-204. In the year of the concept is supposed to convert up to 17 aircraft. This project leads Corporation "Irkut" branch has been created, now worked through staffing, selected frames. In November, the first batch of specialists from the factory ship to train to Dresden.

— Why was not selected in the area of the proposed special economic zone on the basis of the airport "Ulyanovsk-East?"

— Select remained for the corporation "Irkut" because they finance the project in full. Considered all the options, including the option of building the plant in a special economic zone. But if we now do the construction of the plant in the area, by 2012, we just do not get the plane.

— When will the line equipment to convert?

— I think funding will open with 2011.

— What is the volume of production preparation for the conversion?

— A lot of engineering work. For example, the line conversion to be certified to the requirements Airbus, inter alia, to work with fuel. The fact that the planes arrive on the conversion of its own power, and the production of fall with the rest of the fuel. You need to implement a number of engineering solutions that would allow these fuel drain, rinse the fuel tanks, and then to run the car into production final assembly.

— What is the plant production plan for 2011?

— It will depend on the contracts for the supply of the Tu-204. If the contracts with commercial custom
ers are signed, we launched a series of planes. Plus two aircraft for the UDP. Will be going production cars starting IL-476, including the resource and the first flight. The company will also continue to repair the An-124 and other work.

Alice Gritskova, Oleg Panteleev

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