Russian scientists appeal to Jews in Russia

Russian scientists appeal to Jews in Russia

Jews and all those who have a right to be a citizen of Israel! We are writing to you in connection with the 100th anniversary of the registration of the Zionist movement and want in this regard, to express their opposition to this movement as a reactionary, racist, and anti-human, which at one time was recognized by the United Nations.

Centennial path of Zionism — is the way the Jews to achieve world domination through rivers of blood and tears, mountains of human victims, genocide, moral, and the moral degradation of the people over whom you by intrigue, bribery, fraud, and outright aggression to take power "Jewish purse."

A few years ago, in his complacency, we believe that you have the normal human qualities: gratitude, kindness, the desire to live in peace with other nations. But time has shown that we are greatly mistaken.

Today, we have to acknowledge that the authorities in Russia since the 1991 coup, which you perpetrated through your slaves — shabes-goyim, is in your hands. Finally, the mask dropped — and we saw your true face: the collapse of the USSR "Belovezhskaya agreement", the shooting of the Supreme Council in 1993, the war in Chechnya, stop industry collapse in agriculture, theft and the sale of our natural resources and as a consequence — death from hunger, suicide, officers, millions of unemployed, hungry miners strike, power engineers, doctors, teachers, etc., etc.

You captured using the media, you are sowing discord between the nations of Russia, inciting ethnic strife, trying to dump the costs of your board (and in the former Soviet Union and now in Russia) on the Russian people.

You call us to repent for the deeds of the Communists. But today's Communists have nothing to repent, except that kept our good people in the dark about your predatory nature.

You are the true heirs and successors of the bloody deeds Trotskyists (Zion-Bolsheviks), and so each one of you — personally — is responsible not only for the current state of Russia, but also in the case of your ancestors, who in 20 years committed the "red terror" in Russia, organized the artificial famine in Ukraine and the Volga region, created and headed the Cheka-OGPU-NKVD and the gulag, where color purposefully destroying the Russian nation. These victims were tens of millions of the best people of our country. Therefore, for all of their actions after the October Revolution must confess to you, not the communists of the Communist Party.

After all the media you endeavor to prove that Zionism — only the desire of Jews to live in their "homeland" — in Israel. No, now we know Zionism — a desire to take over the WHOLE WORLD, and Israel — just the place where you expect to sit out if anything. That is why Israel introduced the "Law of Return", in which each one-quarter Jewish — Israeli citizen, and therefore almost all of the current leadership of Russia — the citizens of Israel.

In his boundless arrogance you do not just spit our shrines, cripple the souls of our children and grandchildren, the glorification of the cult of sex, violence and corruption, and even our natural desire to live in accordance with the peaceful traditions of our ancestors called "Russian fascism".

We will analyze your actions and declare that the regime set by you in Russia is Jewish fascism.

You throw mud Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, just for the fact that he, as at the time of Stalin in the Soviet Union, did not allow you to set your in Belarus Zionist-fascist regime. On the whole world you call Lukashenko fascist, acting on the principle of the thief loudest shouts, "Stop thief!".

You captured the Western European countries and the United States by the invention by you and tested by thousands of weapons — borrowing. You organized in Russia for its plunder and final seizure of power a commercial bank; manipulating decrees and vouchers, you have captured public property, which give you a government of the RSFSR or shot you, the Supreme Council had no right. We are therefore not recognized by the law your entire privatization, especially as it was done in violation of the law under which the privatization was to be nominal, without the right to sell.

You know perfectly well that he would never be able to repay the debts of employees of budgetary institutions: the military, doctors, teachers, scientists. So you are trying by all means to quickly take over our land — to sell its mineral wealth and forests in foreign hands, and the Russian peasants to farm laborers on their own land, and thus, for a while, to extend their power. Your puppet Yeltsin September 19 this year said that the question of the land — it is not a question of the State Duma. Thus he once again grossly violated under it as you cook up a constitution. No doubt, to capture our land you, knowing that power slips away from his hands, preparing another massacre.

Do not flatter yourself. Already our best minds examine your weapon — the banking system. With disgust, we analyze your techniques for your business and books. We will create a powerful, deadly for your system, ANTIORUZHIE, and then really free people take a deep breath, feeling the beauty of our world, purified from the most vile and dirty power — the power of money.

We are already rebuilding the true history of mankind, you distorted to seize power. We will find ways to open the eyes of our people, our children and grandchildren, all other people that there is nothing appalling your soulless power.

Remember the words of a patriot of the Russian Land — our unforgettable Metropolitan of St. Petersburg and Ladoga John: "Judaism — a religion of hate," "Russia is a state of the Russian people!"

We say to you: Zionism will not work!

The appeal was signed:

Nikolai Alekseev, Doctor of Biology, Professor.

Barabash, Vladimir Ilyich, MD, honored doctor, professor, member of the Academic Councils of three universities.

Runners Yuri K., Ph.D., Academician of Peter and the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Butovskaya Lyudmila, a journalist, a member of the Writers' Union of Russia.

Yuri Voronov, Sc.D., professor, academician of Peter and Russian Academies of Sciences.

Cashin Valentin, Ph.D., a journalist.

Moses Alexander, Ph.D., associate professor, captain II rank.

Protasov Boris, Doctor of Biology, Professor.

Vasily Sergeyev, translator, author of the first translation of "The Song of Igor's Campaign" in English.

Tetenov Nikolai, journalist, editor of the journal "Russian Identity", published in the U.S..

The newspaper "Our Fatherland» № 78, 1997

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