Sannikov met with German experts

"Belarus now has a chance to get rid of the dictatorship in connection with the campaign, which is called Presidential elections"- Said the opposition party election race Andrei Sannikov.

Andrei Sannikov in Berlin, spoke about the European prospects of Belarus, the need to modernize the economy, on the investigation into the death of journalist Oleg Bebenina.

At the round table with the participation of German experts Andrei Sannikov stated forecast of Belarus after President Alexander Lukashenko:

"On this occasion, there were many issues that are the steps done after Lukashenka from power. Did I say that it will be necessary immediately restore the separation of powers. To do this, you may have zbirats Constitutional Assembly to hold normal elections to the parliament, to guarantee the independence of the courts. Right will need to take the economy and the financial system, because the country will be very it is difficult to recover those debts that Lukashenko does, and we will have to answer for the actions that have been made here during the dictatorship. "

A. Sannikov also met with politicians, representatives of the German government agencies and journalists.

"There is a lot of interest, there is hope that things will start to move in Belarus. There are concerns about the methods that can be applied dictatorship" — as he described the "free" atmosphere of their meetings.



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