Sanya, stay with us, we can do, we can do

Currently, the Company can not write a poem, "Kill the President" or sing a song, "President, go home." It's not that it chravata consequences, and that "we are not heroes." Just "so do not wear." The era of slogans, pathos, and finally — the expression directly. Somewhere it has ended many decades ago, but in our particular country it happened after the disappointment of 2006. It is intended to parapolitical sphere. In 2006, there has been a strong surge of idealism at first, it was followed by a no less powerful frustration, frustration and doubt. Which, in turn, have made cynicism, sarcasm and irony dominant ways of relating to reality. As part of the blogosphere so precisely ideological conviction out of fashion, and came to be regarded as an atavism, or even ridiculous nonsense.

"Zyanon-hop" as a real estate BELARUSIAN counterrevolution

The most striking evidence indicated changing cultural landmarks — unforgettable "Zenon-Hop", published online in late 2006. This work is for the author could be just a random game of political cliches, but the wildly popular that it has acquired, shows that "Zeno-hop" was in response to the collective sentiments and became their spokesman.

Of course, there were those who read the poem literally. For such it has become what is called a "compensatory fantasy", a symbolic revenge for the defeat and insult. These few stubborn trying to develop the theme of romance in a straight line, is quite seriously. The attempts were unsuccessful. Wide audience did not take political manifesto with any sauce, rejected them because they are fed up with it. That's why she chose to "Zenon-hop" — as a way of saying, "and would not go to all of you …". A little nervously and evil laughing, we said goodbye to their past, with the former innocence and conviction by entering into a new, shaky reality where anything can not be sure there is no faith or anything. The reality that is inhabited by a fiction and phantasms. During that remains to be seen with irony or sarcasm, depending on temperamentu.

What is a fiction and fantazmav — it's not just a metaphor, applied as a witticism. They really soon appeared, enriching the taste of the atmosphere of delirium counterfeit mare. Recall the two high-profile stories — Denis Denisov and Mikhailov's power.

To pay a deposit for the first through the community minsk_by on the initiative of the blogger petra_leleka were collected large sums of money, which, after their return by the mortgagor, that is Denisov, disappeared under mysterious circumstances. And Vlad Mikhailov, a member of the 2006 area, the student education program Kalinouski unexpectedly gave several interviews to the opposition offensive on BT, talking about the "terrible conditions" in which they live Kalinouski. Later admitted on his blog that he was an informant intelligence agent nicknamed "vector" and denounced the other students. After some time, he had already sent out SMS-message to their friends, where he wrote that he was taken to a psychiatric hospital when he came to the KGB to know "the truth about themselves."

It is not known which of subsistence — chased "champion" or "champion" who repented, the informer or the informer, the repentant, the mentally ill person or a swindler who duril over his head — he was real, but his story seemed more and more "kryshesnosnye". The diary Sergei Gavrilina, also alleged opposition-informer on behalf spetssluzhbista voiced version that Vlad, he worked at … foreign intelligence agencies to discredit the KGB. And recently he Mikhailov (or someone impersonating him) emerged under the moniker nanoagent in the image of the victim psychotropic weapons to anyone's brain hooked up a radio wave … And now, with radio waves in the brain, he administers the site "Area Kalinowski — Blog for Democracy and Human Rights", vigorously spinning it in the blogosphere. Ready plot for BT: active promoter of the area is dusty bag stunned stupid, and they are, therefore, the citizens who are sitting at home on Dec. 19, will not go!

Both of these stories directly affected by the blogosphere and largely led to what zmagarstva then finally came to be seen as blazenstva, and Belarusian politics in general — as a farce.

Costus or death

What strategy of behavior in this situation is to choose a blogger who, despite everything, has retained a certain interest in political life? Fair part has chosen the path of least resistance, perakvalifikavavshysya a boring killjoy skeptics, eternally dissatisfied, angry and sarcastic commentators current events. They kind of uninteresting, I'm about to tell them nothing will. It is better to talk about the few who felt a farcical elements, like a fish in water. Who atmosphere of absurdity without giving rise, and vice versa — inspired, if not in deeds, then interesting, unconventional moves.

Well, about Lipkovich, probably all already know, but why not remind again. Especially since he does not forget about me, constantly throwing out any kunshtsyuki. In this political season of corporate kunshtsyuk Lipkovich — campaigning for the candidate of the BPF Gregory Kastusiou under the slogan "Kastusyou Or Death":

What does this mean? — You ask. Nothing special, just a blogger responded to the wishes of Lydia Yarmoshyna, who said that she would like to see this campaign was fun.

Asymmetrical response professor BAYNEVU

The real event last week in the blogosphere was awakening from its lethargy Aksiutchits Svetlana Ignatievna, a member of the Communist Party since 1987, a senior quantity surveyor RUE "Minsk Kristall", the mother of two children, a devoted admirer of the President of the Republic of Belarus, which is the guardian of the Brotherhood of the Slavic peoples, stability and prosperity, and the other words in uppercase. And also mercilessly castigated the vices of bourgeois society that sly got into our oasis to the people.

Aunt of Light will not agree and will say otherwise, but it is — "Virtual". Speaking stararezhymnay language, an invention, a literary image created by an anonymous author in 2007. Authorship attributed to a variety of well-known bloggers. Some believe that it is l_u_f_t, others call mojo_fm. I, for my part, I suspect that this may be a new incarnation of the literary author was once a very popular magazine baba_bronia.

"It's like Shakespeare" — writes il_gattopardo. — "All of researchers who believe that William Shakespeare could not be the author of the works written by him, is credited with their more or less well-known people of that era. No one admits the thought of Shakespeare — "Virtual" a man whose real name no one knows. Why not assume that there is a blogger who lovingly created this account has breathed life into this image and had no need of other forms of its appearance in the blogosphere (the other "people")? "

However, this is not very important. Significantly, the aunt of light finally came back and suddenly rebuffed Professor Baynevu, famous for his "code of ethics of the economy," which recently took a fancy to, if not filled cell by_politics. Suddenly, as he formally, the official state advocate, an ardent supporter of the indivisible unity of the Russia-Belarus should be her ally.

However, the aunt of Light saw him as one of the "enemies of the secret, dvurushno, iudushkav which are cleaned clothing righteo
us, our friends and allies." Suspecting that the professor "separated from the people … hovers at the "macro" level, neglecting plunge to ours, folk, the "micro" level … was unsteady path achkavtsiratselstva, additions and flattery to the powers that be. "

"Let's define what a" microeconomics "", — expands his thought Aunt Light. — "This is when smelling then machined work piece for a new tractor, it's when my grandmother retired grown dill and sold it on the market, this is when the farmer milk the cows at dawn, a nurse and passed the milk in the farm — that's what microeconomics! And where in this chain highbrow professor who is gaining on the U.S. in Encyclopedia your computer? Does he know that this computer is built with slave labor of Chinese children, with money from the bombing of Iraq, Vietnam, Yugoslavia? Frankly, though sincerity and now out of favor, for me, when I touch the keyboard, the heart contracts with pain when I realize that this "micro" computer heavily involved in the blood and tears of the oppressed peoples of the world. Maybe that's why I write so little, because every time you have to overcome yourself, tell yourself it's a tool that I use to benefit. Or visit such thoughts "distinguished" professor? do not think. Him just to cut down a penny fee for another note. So tell me, my friends, where is the morality? How can you write about it, if you really have no place to put the stigma? Fear gripped me as I imagined that this man is teaching our children … "

Acquainted with the life path of Professor Pan, Auntie angry even more:

"And when I saw that this" scientist "(and I want to add in a national" in th … machony ") fled in 2001 from starvation and cold Russia in the well-fed and rich Belarus, instead of there on the spot with the brotherly people cope with the consequences of default, I realized that this is the usual weather vane, which perapyrhvae where more edible. And if tomorrow, God forbid, come to power, our fascist opposition, this flyer will start scribbling on the benefits of the liberal model of economy and admire the hawk of Washington Regional Committee "

I must say that Mr. Bayneva, adygryvayuchysya for all insults to the mode of information monopoly gospropagandistov in the "real world" and the inability to give them an answer there, shaking and thrashed in the community of all and sundry. From such a stream of hate people more subtle psychic organization has died of a heart attack, and he was — no water in the ear. But after appearing on stage with his Aunt Amy asymmetric response, it is obviously getting through, he zanervavavsya.

Whoever is hiding behind the way aunt, he (she) could (la) converted irony, which is generally used as a defensive mechanism, assault weapons, poisonous sting. And it hit the mark.

As in my opinion, has got because the words Aunt Amy, aesthetically attractive, very easy to take at face value, without seeing the second floor, which often happens with beginners in the blogosphere.

Moments, stopped for a thousand years

Artifact that we stayed at the memory of the 2006 elections, has gone vernapaddannitskaya song "Listen Batka," written to order in Russia. The current electoral harvest has also spawned a song dedicated to Lukashenka (we will not pay attention to the author's attempt to come up with another destination). Written in Belarus, and to order, and to the call of the heart. At first glance, it may seem like a remake of the song four years ago …

…but it is only at first glance.

In contrast to the "Listen Batka" — an expression of the direct and unambiguous, the song "Sanya, stay with us' cause misunderstandings. One of the first people she was puzzled and intrigued pavelsheremet: "I did not realize they stsyabutstsa or play along (Lukashenko). Please help me. "

Find the answer to the question of Pavel Sheremet I decided through the democratic process of voting. And what is the result? Only 11% of those who risked their own to determine the meaning of a work of art, took the song as "a sincere and hearty hvalaspev." While 37% considered it "a bitter irony in a fun wrapper." 20% acknowledged their inability to understand the meaning without the aid of spirits, 11% trusted business professionals determine the meaning of the song, having voted for the option "hde nada, there will understand."

This song is on my mind is valuable precisely because of its fundamental values. She is the one and that, and at the same time not that, and it's not (like propaganda posters and texts Lipkovich Aunt Amy). She has not laid down any ready-made truth. There are only captured in an image of reality, and so the listener is free to fill the image with meaning and decide what it means yet.

Seemed to me the most interesting interpretation of blogger dolka777:

"In Christian terminology is the concept of" evil north "and" the evil one afternoon. " If the first is clear — the dark forces and riot apateozu night, then the second is more complicated. The sun seemed to be zenitse, everything is visible and clear. What does the "devil." And that's despite the fact that all too clear, and too well. That is the "stop a moment, you're fine," which was the basis of the transaction Mefistofelya with Faust. What is to stop the moment? Everything stops, freezes forever. A freeze forever — to die. That's such a terrible force carries a demon midday: freeze like a fly in amber, panic fear of all motion and change: "Sanya, stay with us!" — Not the part about Sanya. Sanya here — the pharaoh who Goals (perhaps less?) Controls, and he is the embodiment of this frozen millennium — a stone sphinx. Idol of the stability for which clings to the impoverished iodine ions Belarusian people's soul.

And in this song — not the irony of the folk soul, yet the irony of the sled. It is an irony over time. What apateozu all good, and at the same time — an absolute paralysis of life. And is it good the good things presented to the noonday demon? As worthy of pity looks that prayer demons to stop the moment. That's what we got, unfortunately. We have everything. So — what's the irony here? "

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