Sarkozy, Gaddafi and Purim

In 2009, during the Extraordinary Summit of the African Union, Muammar Gaddafi said that "all military conflicts on the African continent is Israel"
AFP notes that Gaddafi has repeatedly issued strident anti-Israeli statements, in particular, it offered to all member countries of the African Union to break off diplomatic relations with Israel, because, according to Gaddafi, the Israeli authorities are nothing more than a "gang."

March 18, 2011 the Israeli news agency "Cursor" reported that the Israeli civilian and military sites in danger, as they are in the area of possible counter-attack from Libya.

March 19, 2011 began a military operation against the forces of the international force Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Meanwhile, the Jews of the world these days celebrate the joyous holiday of Purim. Event is taking place under the unusually bright moon.
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Israeli blogger Obadiah Shoher reported on its website about the holiday of Purim the following:

"Or look at Purim. We celebrate nothing more than a mass killing of tens of thousands of men, women and children, which we did not like.
But Haman was executed eleven months before Purim, so that the threat is long past. No, we're just celebrating the massacre of enemies, rather than just getting rid "

So the slaughter of Gaddafi during the Jewish holiday with a very bright light of the moon looks very symbolic. You could even call this ritual slaughter.

Incidentally, the U.S. attack on Iraq in 2003, also took place during this Jewish holiday.

Next after Gaddafi major victim is likely to be Iranian President Ahmadinejad and his regime hostile to Israel.

Thus, trimming the enemies territories surrounding Israel continues. And this is cleaning hands goyim (neeevreev).

There is such a thing — "shabesgoy" ("Sabbath goy," "goy errand") — a non-Jew, Jews hired to work on the Sabbath (Saturday), when they themselves Orthodox Jews can not do certain things for religious laws.

Americans, British, French quite fit that concept. Should someone during the holiday to do the dirty work.

And the Jews at this time celebrate the joyous festival, drink wine and eat the ears of Haman.

Son of a Hungarian Jew Nicolas Sarkozy on March 19 announced the start of military action against the Gaddafi regime

A well-known Russian politician Zhirinovsky had just made a curious statement.

He called on the Muslim world "not to leave Libya in trouble, one on one with the powerful military machine of the North Atlantic bloc."

LDPR leader said that "NATO can not be allowed to crush democracy in Libya, the more that this country does not threaten anybody."

The statement explained that "madness" is also important to stop because "the next time on the site of Libya could be any other Muslim country."

"West is aggressively and decisively. The negative experience of military intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq to anything they have not learned, "- said Zhirinovsky.

Later, commenting on the statement in the radio station "Echo of Moscow", Zhirinovsky said that Russia abstained in the Security Council on the resolution on sanctions against Libya, which can cause air strikes on the country.

"Now, from Somalia to the Arab countries in favor of a military solution to the Libyan problem. It's no good, because the leadership of these countries have implemented those pro-American set. This is Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait. West does what it sees fit for himself. Profitable for them to blow up the Muslim world in order to achieve the overthrow of the regime in Iran … "- Zhirinovsky said.

March 20, 2011


The invasion of Iraq by coalition forces in 2003 — U.S. military action and allied against Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein's government
Date — March 20.

Nicolas Sarkozy — the Jew

Nicolas Sarkozy (full name Nicolas Paul Stephane Sarkozy de Nagy-Bocha) born January 28, 1955 in Paris. Parents Nicolas met in France.

His father, a Hungarian Jew, Paul Nagy Bocha Sharkezi was born in Budapest. Father's family owned the land and the castle Alattyan, about 100 km from Budapest. Paul's parents were baptized Jews grandfather Nicholas was a Protestant grandmother — a Catholic. When in 1944 the Soviet Army liberated Hungary Sharkezi family who survived the Nazi occupation, has decided not to tempt fate a second time and fled to Baden-Baden. In 1945 Sharkezi returned to Hungary, but their property was "nationalized" and looted. Paul's father died soon after, and his mother, fearing that her son was sent to Siberia or forced to serve in the Hungarian army, persuaded Paul to go to Austria. Soviet commander's office, she said that her son had drowned in Lake Balaton. (Ie, Paul left Hungary at about the same time as the Jewish family Soros in 1947. — "CE")

Why mainstream media feel free to write about the Jewish roots of Nicolas Sarkozy?


Sarkozy's Jewish roots

Nicolas Sarkozy was born in 1955 in the family of a Hungarian immigrant and a French Jewish descent. Served twice as Minister of Internal Affairs, headed the Ministry of Finance. Jewish origins of the presidential candidate has its roots in medieval Spain, where he lived the ancestors of his mother, who carried the name Malach. Like other Spanish Jews, Malachi were expelled from Spain by King Ferdinand and settled in France, but a hundred years later, the ancestors of the candidate for the presidency immigrated to Salonika. There, in the north of Greece, and they lived up to the middle of the XX century.
Sarkozy's grandfather, known in Salonika jeweler Mordechai Malach, died in 1913 and was buried in the old Jewish cemetery in Thessaloniki. During World War II, the advent of the Nazis and the subsequent destruction of the cemetery had to rebury the remains, and today his grave is in Stavrupoli. In 1917, the city was almost completely destroyed by a huge fire, which put paid to the family business and Malakhov.
Nicolas grandfather was the eldest of seven children in the family. His real name was Aaron, but the family's name was Benicio. When he was fourteen, he and his mother went to France where he trained as a doctor, and during World served as medical officer in the French army. Then he met his future wife, a nurse Adele Bouvier, and after the wedding has taken the name Benedict Catholic. Subsequently, Benedict and Adele had two daughters — Susan and Andrew, mother of Nicholas. In 1950 Andrey Malakhov married a Hungarian immigrant Paul Sarkozy, who became the father of a prominent politician and statesman.
In July 2006, when Sarkozy was on a visit to Greece, the Jewish community of Salonika arranged in his honor by a reception. Community leaders presented the French guest a special memorial plaque with the inscription: "In memory of Nicolas Sarkozy's visit to Greece from the Jewish community of Thessaloniki, the city of your ancestors, Israel and Jerusalem Balkans." And the album was handed to his family tree and photos of ancestors. At the event, attended by a distant relative of Sarkozy, the wife of the president of the Jewish community of Salonika Zaltel Lucy, one of the descendants of the family Malach. Sentimentality, Sarkozy thanked for gifts and attention, and said: "My roots — here."

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