Satellite imagery showed a reduction in the number of fires in Russia

Satellite imagery has revealed on Friday over a thousand termotochek in Russia, most of which is fire, while on Tuesday the number reached 1.3 thousand, according to Research and Development Center (RDC) "RDC".

The estimated center of a fire coming from the infrared sensors on satellites Modis Terra and Aqua, which record the area, strongly emitting in the infrared. Typically, this forest or grassland fires, while infrared sensors can respond to gas torches or to steel production.

"The greatest number of fires June 29 satellites fixed in the Far East and the Urals. In Khabarovsk region, the Khanty-Mansi and Yamal-Nenets autonomous districts identified 255, 227 and 205 respectively termotochek. Total in Russia on Friday satellites recorded more than a thousand termotochek" — said in a statement.

In addition, on the satellite image, taken and treated by specialists ETC "RDC" on Thursday, see the plumes of smoke, fire fronts and burnt at 8.2 km north-west of the village of Sunny Amgun region of Khabarovsk Krai. Fire covered approximately 13.5 square kilometers.

"Satellite image of June 29, notes the extensive burning, smoky plumes, multiple fire fronts in the lower reaches of the rivers and the Great Hayches Toldoks near their confluence with the River Kellogg (Krasnoyarsk region)," — adds "RDC".

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