Scientist believe in the destruction of mankind on computers



The Cold War took place, the risk of a nuclear accident was much lower. Now, however, the survival of humanity threatened by computers and artificial intelligence. Scientists from Cambridge believe that the script for the film "The Terminator" could become a reality in the course of this century.

Center for the Study of existential risks (CSER) Cambridge conducted studies that proved that modern technology can destroy human civilization in the near future. The scientists analyzed the threat posed by biotechnology, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, nuclear war and climate change, says PhysOrg.

Co-founder of Skype Jaan Tallinn and philosopher Hugh Price believe that the biggest threat to the survival of human civilization — the increase in computational power of computers. Sooner or later, this process will lead to the creation of a "Single artificial intelligence" to be able to write programs independently and without human intervention to produce robots, their "offspring."

"During this century, the mind leaves the biological nature. Intelligence will gain and electronic systems, we will not be the only intelligent species on Earth — says Pryce — We must give serious consideration to the likelihood that the invention of artificial intelligence can become a new Pandora's box. Improper handling the consequences could be disastrous. "

Experts CSER going to interview analysts from fields such as politics, law, computer science and science to make possible a more accurate prediction of disaster.

According to Price, the main danger is that one day computers will allocate resources according to their own needs at the expense of human desires.

"Perhaps mankind will have to fight for resources with the dominant" — says Pryce — Take, for example, gorillas. They did not die out because people are hostile to them, and because we are changing the environment around them in accordance with our desires. "

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