Scientists have discovered the pulsar radiation, which science can not explain

October 10, 2011 17:23

Unusual pulsar in the Crab Nebula is located Photo:

Unusual pulsar in the Crab Nebula is located Photo:

Astronomers have found located in the Crab Nebula pulsar is inexplicable from the point of view of modern theories of high-energy radiation

Scientists point out that before the pulsar, which is called PSR B0531 +21, the graph of the photon distribution of the radiation in the energy An "obrubanie" in the high-energy part of the spectrum from what astronomers have concluded that some of the radiation, particularly gamma rays not recorded with the device, writes

New research carried out by using a system of telescopes VERITAS, discovered a pulsar photons with energies above 100 GeV. For comparison, the photons of visible radiation from the sun have an energy of about 2 eV.

According to scientists, the existing models of pulsars can explain the existence of radiation with such a high energy. They note that additional observations to install a full range of pulsar radiation.

Neutron Star PSR B0531 +21 was formed as a result of a supernova explosion. Earth's inhabitants could watch it in 1054. The pulsar is located at a distance of 6400 light years from Earth, in the Crab Nebula, in the constellation Taurus.

Recall pulsar — a rapidly spinning it around its own axis neutron star with a very strong magnetic field. Its magnetic poles do not coincide with the geometric and are sources of radiation, which is distributed by a narrow cone. To the casual observer, such a star is pulsating like a flashing light object.


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