Second birth Belgorod

In Severodvinsk at the boathouse of "Production Association" Sevmash "on December 20 last year accomplished a festive ceremony research submarine of the project 09852. At the groundbreaking ceremony was attended by Admiral Vladimir Teals, Chief of the Russian Navy, Diachkov AA, president of the" United shipbuilding company "Budnichenko MA, CEO of MSP Burilichev AV and MV Zaborsky, commanders of military units, Villeneuve IV, general director of OAO" CKB "Rubin" also DN Maksurov, head of 1059 of the Ministry of Defense Military consulate.

The second birth "Belgorod"

The shop in a festive atmosphere have launched the construction of a new vessel. This submarine is created to deal with complex tasks: conducting research in various areas of the oceans, the role in search and rescue operations. Also by means of the nuclear Underwater boats will be installation and subsea inspection, monitoring, underwater highways, tests the latest research equipment. The submarine will be a carrier of deep relief and unmanned autonomous underwater vehicles.

Project 09852 developed by JSC "CDB ME" Rubin "(St. Petersburg). As the base was taken missile submarine construction project 949A. Virtually fit ceremony on December 20 perezakladku produced on a brand new project 09852 SSGN K-329" Belgorod "made on the amended Project 949A. Constructions "Belgorod" began to SMEs in 1990 This boat was formally incorporated July 24, 1992, becoming the first ship of the modified draft 949A. In 2006, the construction of the "Belgorod" was dropped. At the time of cessation of work overall technology readiness was about 76%. Now "Belgorod" will complete the project 09852 as a huge nuclear submarine carrier uninhabited and manned submersibles. Customer — General Directorate of deep research of the Defense Ministry (head of department — Vice Admiral Burilichev AV)

The right to establish mortgage board was presented CEO "Sevmash" and the Commander in Chief of the Navy. Viktor Chirkov noted the contribution of enterprises in the development of Russia's nuclear fleet shipbuilders and wished success in the development of Russian nuclear shield. In turn Misha Budnichenko stressed that the company will make every effort in order to serve in the submarine continuation of many meth, had the highest reliability and enforce its tasks.

About 949A

Project nuclear submarines with cruise missiles designed LMPB "Ruby." Management produces the main designer of PP Pustyntsevym After his death in August 1977 was appointed principal designer Baranova IL Project 949A — Development Project 949 with refreshed assembly and an additional compartment strong case. Initially, it was planned to build a huge series of 20 SSGN.

In the Navy Boats project received unofficial title of "Baton" — because of the shape of the hull and the impressive size.

The design of double-hulled. For the production of robust steel casing used an AK-33 (Development Research Institute "Prometheus") with a width of 45-68 mm. Strong body was laid out in sections 10 having a cylindrical form of variable width in the middle and the bow of the submarine. End bulkheads strong case is made by casting, and had the following radii: Bow — 8 m aft — 6.5 m rocket launcher placed at an angle of 45 degrees to the horizon beyond a sound body. The design of the submarine is specially equipped to operate in the Arctic — have special reinforcement cutting and lightweight body.

Strong housing submarine is divided into 10 sections:
Bow torpedo;
The second to put the battery compartment and the central government;
3rd — radio room and battle stations;
4th — accommodation;
Fifth (additional storage) — auxiliary machinery and electrical equipment;
2nd — support mechanisms;
Seventh — reactor;
The eighth and ninth — Turbine, GTZA;
Tenth — propulsion motors.

Length of enclosure sliding devices is 29 meters. It posted a rescue bubble chamber capable of holding the entire crew of the submarine. Also in the fencing of the two devices is the TMSI employees for firing anti-sonar devices, and containers with anti-aircraft guided missiles for MANPADS "Igla-1". Placed along the outer hull demagnetizing device. Light body covered protivogidroakusticheskim coating.

Length strong body submarines project 949A 10 meters longer than the strong body of submarines of Project 949. Dimensions rudders are also more than 949 project.

The propulsion installation Project 949A submarines is unified with the installation of Project 941 and Project 949 is quite similar. The unit has a block design with two-stage damping.

The structure of the propulsion system consisted of:
Two pressurized-water nuclear reactor OK-OK-650M.01 and 650M.02 capacity of 190 MW;
Two steam generating unit;
Two modular steam turbine installation "Azurite" with GTZA OK-9DM (capacity of each HP 49000-50000);
Two spare motor PG-106, Power 306 hp each (According to other sources 225 hp);
Two-shaft propulsion system, 6 double bladed fixed pitch propellers;
Two thrusters.

Power system:
Two turbo generators, power 3200 kW each;
Two emergency diesel generators DG-190/ASDG-800, power of 800 kW each;
Lead-acid battery — two groups of 152 pieces.

Options are hypothetical use of the boat carrier "Belgorod":
According to the official version of the boat carrier will carry one or several inhabited deep-saving apparatus and several unmanned autonomous vehicles. Perhaps the latter will be located on the site of rocket launchers Project 949A. The second is hypothetical version — will be deep submarine nuclear plant type or types of project 10831 18510M proposed project. Perhaps, in this embodiment, housing door will be installed in a niche that will be installed facilities and docking worn AGS.

The second birth "Belgorod"

Taktikotehnicheskie properties submarine "Belgorod" (according to the project 949AM)
Displacement above water — 14,700 tons;
Displacement underwater — 23,860 tons;
Great length — 154 m;
A large body width — 18.2 m;
Draught — 9.2 m;
Powerplant — 2 nuclear reactor OK-650V, 190 MW capacity each;
Surface speed — 15 knots;
Submerged speed — 33 knots;
Working depth, 420 m;
The greatest depth — 500 m;
Endurance — 120 days;

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