Second birth Phantoms

The second birth "Phantoms"

South American Air Force wants to destroy enemy air defense systems with a massive attack drones-cheap "kamikaze".

Reconnaissance and combat drones have become almost the most intensively used tool in the view of the fight against militants, extremists. But such a method of struggle — it is far not the most economical, each machine costs hundreds of millions of dollars. South American Air Force seek out more deshevenky options.

Specifically, it explains the longish ranks of "older" the F-4 Phantom II, lined up on the basis of the U.S. Air Force Davis-Monthan. Service Center is located here, and recovery techniques (Aerospace Maintenance And Regeneration Center, AMARC), where these distinguished veterans radically modernized and turned into drones.

These machines have become code QF-4, planned to use as an affordable means of oppression of the enemy vehicles and air defense systems, what they will be equipped with missiles of "air-to-ground." In fact, project on modernization, which is implemented for a couple of years, to do a flotilla of unmanned "kamikaze" sacrifice that the military will be able to simply and untainted heart, without losing of human lives. They are able to fly a group of up to 6 cars, communicating means onboard computers and GPS.

During the conduct of the project upgraded about 230 machines, any cost only 800 thousand dollars. They are easy to distinguish from the original F-4: Pilot is a sign of the lack of a colorful orange coloring of the tail and the tips of the wings.

Project implemented since the 1990s, but recently it has overcome a major milestone: the first time from the 1st of the modified aircraft launched anti-radiation rocket HARM. Any such rocket South American budget costs 300 thousand dollars — and under the wings of QF-4 they can place the 4 pieces. Even when the unit is destroyed, its price will be about $ 2 million. While one modern UAV MQ-9 Reaper costs more than 10 million, not counting weapons. Significant savings in the war!

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