Second fighter of the 5th generation will begin flights to the end of 2010

The second fighter of the 5th generation will begin flights to the end of 2010

Second flying prototype of a promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA) will start flying until the end of 2010, said the head of the company "Sukhoi" Mikhail Pogosyan.Po him, the first flying prototype has already made 40 flights. He added that the company satisfied with the tests.

"The program of tests is moving faster than we expected," — said Pogosyan.

He added that talks with Indian partners for entering into this project, too, must have completed by the end of this year.

Our homeland and India have agreed to jointly develop and build aircraft 5th generation, who made the first flight in January this year. The implication is that the two versions will be made of this war machine — single and double. Framework agreement for the establishment of a fighter 5th generation was signed earlier. Costs will distribute approximately equally. Our homeland and India are planning to do fighter 5th generation by 2015-2016 (T-50 Russian version aircraft). It is understood that fighter the last generation will flow into the Russian army in 2015 (single version), and in 2020 will appear in the Indian Air Force.

T-50 — fighter 5th generation languid class with a takeoff weight of over 30 tons, medium-scale (approximately corresponding aircraft Su-27), representing a monoplane with widely spaced engines and 2 keels, it is deflected outward from the longitudinal axis. The appearance of the airframe is designed with stealth technology adoption geometric "stealth".

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