Second missile regiment Yarsov to intercede on alert until the end of 2011

The second missile regiment "Yarsov" to intercede on alert until the end of 2011

2nd Missile Regiment, armed with a new mobile ground missile system "Yars" to intercede on alert until the end of 2011, told reporters on Mon commander of Strategic Missile Forces mission (SMF) Lt. Gen. Sergei Karakayev.

"Until the end of 2011 in Teykovskogo missile formation (Ivanovo region) on combat duty will be placed second in a row missile regiment, '' armed with mobile ground missile system (PGRK) "yars", "- said Karakayev. Commander of the Strategic Missile Forces said that in a true Teykovskogo missile formation on PGRK" yars "re finished first in the Armed Forces of the Russian missile regiment. 4th March 2011 this year missile Regiment has taken up martial duty in the 2-missile battalions, which since 2010 have made experimental tasks of combat duty. "During this period, we have proved all the declared tactical and technical properties of the missile system, worked out all the tasks that allowed to confirm the reliability of the new weapons. And from August 5, 2011, after the intercession on alert third one missile division, it produces tasks for performance of combat watch the full regular lineup, "- he said.

As noted Karakayev, at this point in Teykovskogo missile formation lasts retraining of personnel of another, planned to re on PGRK "yars" missile regiment. In July 2011 , soldiers of the regiment were trained at the training center, stationed at the cosmodrome "Plesetsk" (Arkhangelsk region).

RS-24 ICBM with multiple reentry warhead designed Metropolitan Institute of Thermal Technology. This rocket created with the introduction of scientific, technical and technological solutions implemented in a rocket complex "Topol-M", which greatly reduced the time and cost to create it. Compared with its predecessor — missile complex "Topol" mobile ground missile complexes "Topol-M" and "Yars" own much improved combat and operational capabilities. This is achieved including by adapting to the conditions of the combat equipment of missile defense, increased mobility and stealth features of reconnaissance equipment. And implemented additional measures to increase security complexes. "The adoption of the RS-24 ICBM will strengthen the combat abilities of the strike group SRF to overcome missile defense systems, the strengthening nuclear deterrent Russian strategic nuclear forces (SNF). Later, coupled with the already entered service monoblock SS-12M2 (missile complex "Topol-M"), SS-24 will form the basis of a shock SMF grouping "- point to the SRF.

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