Second round of depression, from which there is nothing to pay off

The second round of depression, from which there is nothing to pay offStatement by Christine Lagarde, director of the International Finance Facility, proves that even the most high-ranking officials are beginning to evenly reach the most trivial things: the world is not just threatened by the second Lofty depression — It has long been the world is going.

During the first Lofty depressed for a while managed to disguise what is happening unrestrained an injection of surplus funds into the economy, and later all erupted even steeper. This is all repeated at the moment. Another thing is that at the moment thrown into the economy unsecured funds. First of depression banks were still unfamiliar with the concept of "financial discipline" — then managed to provide some big, but still secured loans, make a general recollection that the recession is over, and the economy went into the funds that have been or withdrawn from the market of securities in the initial period of depression, or even lay not in the Securities Act, and in various zagashnikah. But, since the structure of the economy has not changed, as the contradictions that caused the crisis, retained, — the way these funds were dorezany, broke the second round of depression, which is already nothing to pay off.

Approximately the same thing is happening at the moment. However, in this time were thrown into the economy just does not secured funds because delay the second blow to the crisis was somewhat longer period. But there is a limit unsecured issue, for which she turns into an already open inflation, when prices begin to rise much faster than the money supply, because the ratio of money supply to the product falls, ie more than throwing it into the economy, the more they are not enough.

And now, it seems that we are at the moment is approaching this limit, let alone someone who, as manager of the IMF is to know. Another thing is that there is still a huge number of people willing to sit by the stream of unsecured funds is even more unwilling to revise the structure of the world economy as a whole. Because, I think, Ms. Lagarde should consider the experience of its predecessor and be careful to speak with a hotel maid, as and will be willing to deal with it the same way.

But generally fully understood that depression will evolve, and as rightly pointed out by Ms. Lagarde, end it can only be the collective effort of the whole world. It just does not show, on which share must be to a large part of that effort. And it must first be United Countries of America, which significantly longer all the other nations of the world to consume more than they can, and most of today's imbalances distortions of economic structure of the world due to the need, in the 1-x, to ensure that excess consumption on the creation and in-2, cover it, so it was not so obvious that robbed Americans of all others.

There are, in general, and the other countries that are a success with the Yankees take an example — they, too, will have to rebuild their own lives.

That someone will have to rebuild less, so it is no surprise to us. We — this is Ukraine and rest Of, because we are less dependent on the influx of outside funds are not secured by the fruits of our own labor, as we have the least of all the advanced countries fraction of consumption is secured creation. Because at the moment we can say with great enthusiasm to look at how others will flutter, but — most importantly — it makes sense to protect us from the second majestic depression just as we once sheltered from the first, namely: to build your own farm , more precisely — to return it, as once we have already built.

Return to his own farm, which is independent of the vagaries of the economic fate of the rest of the world — and to look at rest world with great enthusiasm, earning a living from their work.

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