Secret technology wish-fulfillment

March 25, 2012 10:08

There is a certain technology of miracles. These technologies work well in life, you need to apply them correctly. Before you apply the techniques in practice remember the famous phrase, "Be careful what you wish — they can be filled." Think about what can bring the desire not only to you, but you know you people. To achieve the fulfillment of desires to do the following magic items.

Desire must be specific. Very often we want everything at once, from the chaos in my head there. Our thoughts are switched from one to another and it is impossible to focus on something specific. The energy needed for fulfillment of wishes, is in the shuffle. Therefore, you must clearly define the important thing at this point, desire.
The main requirements to the desire to make it come true — this is a concrete and strength.

Specific (eg, "I want to be rich") shall mean the exact amount, date of receipt and purpose — why it needs this amount. As if you go to a bank for a loan.

The strength of the desire to look like this: "I just be rich, I will get the money, they just need me!"

Important note: not enough to formulate a wish, you must still be prepared to get what you want.

Fixing desire. Make a note of the desire of all the details, do not take the time to a written plan — the more detail will be described, the better to fulfill your desire. At this stage, you have to describe their desire in all its details to flesh those experiences that you can get when the wish is granted.
Attach energy. Energy of desire is very powerful. This energy is enhanced when you clearly represent the shape and properties of their dreams, maybe even the color and smell.
Forget about your desire, let him go. Create the phantom of his desire, and release into the universe. This item is the most important and at the same time one of the main conditions for making wishes come true. Any desire is a bundle of energy that is received by the higher powers, and they would always sing. When you hold the desire with me, you have not let go of, and hence the realization of it can not happen. Let go of your desire, that is, stop thinking about it.
Visualization of desire. It's enough to draw their dreams and desires to map.
Draw their dream:

represent the desired event (subject) as detailed as possible, with the drawing of all the circumstances and details;
feel free in their fantasies, they are not visible to anyone until they materialize, and then there will be nothing shy;
pictures that visualize the (imaginary) should not be static, but dynamic, colored, with scents and sounds evoke positive emotions as strong;
clear about the end result, as if he embodied, experience the delight of the execution of his will.
Please be patient. For the fulfillment of any desire to take time. Reasons should mature and accumulate the conditions that will lead to the desired result.
FAITH. You have to be 110% sure of your success. Faith works wonders.
Big goal. Identify intermediate goals that will need to perform to achieve their big dreams. In this case, follow the simple to the more complex goals.
Protect your dream. Dream to protect from negative comments and disbelief of others. You can reach the goal with a positive attitude, a strong faith and conviction.
Perseverance. It is no less important point than the others. How many people started throwing the case for a half-step to victory!
At the end of the article "The Secret Technology of miracles," I want to quote from Napoleon Hill's book "Think and Grow Rich":
"Anyone who was researching the life of the prophets, philosophers, people who create miracles legendary religious figures of the past, came to the inevitable conclusion that the main thing, the main reasons for their historical achievements were perseverance, focus and determination of goals."

I wish you the readers and visitors of the blog "Being healthy is easy! "Realization of your wishes come true!

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