Selection: Russian banks or financial pyramid

Selection: Russian banks or financial pyramidWhen the economic crisis severely and permanently based on different money markets of the world, many people are trying to get an answer to the perennial question: in what currency to keep their savings. Someone general decided to abandon the currency, and to transfer all funds in stocks, real estate or precious metals.

Who in such a situation is in the best position, it is difficult to say, but we need to say one thing: all the eggs should never be stored in one basket, even if the basket is arhinadezhnoy.

If you are going to do contribution in one of the Russian banks, it is always necessary to learn its activities for the near future. If the bank is locked, then the drop-down, then changed the address of the location of the head office of its own, it received a new title, then so bank suspicious. With other side is better to do lucrative deposits in banks in Moscow and other Russian cities, if These banks provide services in accordance with Russian law and do not go beyond it. In this regard, it should be noted that many of our fellow citizens, particularly avid to huge profits in interest on deposits, easily invest their accumulation in a very strange organization. It would seem that almost a quarter of the population affected by the activities of various financial pyramid in the 90's, but now the number of people willing to invest again in MMM-2012 and other similar organizations is even increasing. People behold the advertisement in which the followers of Leni Golubkova promise of 500% per annum and shall be made in their accumulation funds. With all of this does not bother them at all, that the work of monetary organization's use of 500%-s payments to all customers is impossible, even in theory. This is used people, who are ready to cash in on the economic ignorance of our fellow citizens, and to our mutual belief in magic or what is called normal Russian word "freebie".

For obvious reasons, it is difficult to lure the customer in bank, if the rates for deposits in them or do not exceed the rate of inflation, or if and superior, then shred percent. But in this case, each person can be sure that his contribution continue, even if the bank will be tough task. The modern system of insurance can provide it, but only if the payment of up to 700 thousand rubles. A specific contribution of this size in Russia the most.

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