Self-contained power plant Yegorievsk (Moscow region) will reduce the price of housing services

In Yegorievsk built up a whole neighborhood, where new apartments are available for the common people, and the price of housing services will soon be two times lower than in the entire city.

The company-builder sells housing to people on a surprisingly favorable terms, offering to pay 50% of the purchase price immediately and the balance to put out over five years without interest.

One bedroom apartment in a new home here costs 2.1 million rubles. Of housing prices in the suburbs is almost impossible to find. This year will be commissioned 340 new apartments, and now comes another tab, the very same house for 230 apartments.

Prices and terms of purchase — this is only part of revolutionary change. After two months of utility services here will cost half the price than in the entire city, with a stand-alone Energocenter where full swing commissioning. These energy centers that run on natural gas, are very popular in Europe, where a smooth and cheaply provide heat and light to entire neighborhoods.

CEO of construction administration number 1 Gennady Vyalyshev emphasizes — is not adventurism and altruism, and the normal conduct of business, where a benefit, of course, also think. Due to the reliability and cost of imported equipment new power plant will pay for itself in three to four years. In addition, the overall process of energy production and supply automatically excluded dependents intermediary.

Total Egoryevsk in a new neighborhood, which is already a city within a city, will be 1,200 apartments. The cost of utility bills is an average of about 2,500 per month for a one bedroom apartment. Gennady Vyalyshev confident that this experience might well have successfully spread throughout Russia.

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