Seviarynets: This is absolutely illegal decision

The Ministry of Justice for the third time refused state registration of the Belarusian Christian Democracy, and listed the reasons for the decision on its website.

The Ministry considers illegitimate congress of the BCD, which took place September 12, 2010.

According to the ministry, violated the order of creation of the BCD, and the breach has an inherent character. Party filed the documents and information that do not meet the requirements of the legislation, including fake and invalid documents.

A condition of membership in the party did not comply with its articles of incorporation.

For example, according to the Ministry of Justice, set the quota representation of delegates to the convention was not performed because instead of 147 delegates to the convention were elected only a hundred and thirty-fifth pier, some citizens mentioned in the list of delegates to the founding congress, did not appear in the lists of the founders of the party. 28 out of 90 respondents are not the founders and did not take part in the activities of the party. They do not even know of the existence of such a party, as they confirmed in writing.

Justice Ministry officials claim that the meeting of the founders of the BCD in most regions were carried out. When collecting signatures representatives of the initiative group to create the BCD to mislead people on the objectives of the party or offered to put their signatures on other grounds, for example, for the presidential nomination of Vital Rymasheuski. A number of people put their signatures to the founders of the party lists, but do not consider themselves as such and are not going to take part in its activities.

According to the Ministry of Justice, there are many inaccuracies in the personal data of the persons mentioned in the list of founders of the party.

As a result of a spot check of persons from the list of founders of the BCD, it was found that 45 of them repeatedly prosecuted and mostly for acquisitive crime.

There are cases where persons listed among the founders of the party, were prosecuted several times. The Ministry of Justice gives the names and Soldatenko Surhan.

One of the leaders of the BCD Paul Seviarynets commented on the decision of the Ministry of Justice:

"The Ministry of Justice interviewed people with the KGB, local administrations, heads, deans. And frightened people: if you do not come out of this organization against the state, which unregistered, illegal, of the sect — you will have big problems.

People are scared, if you do not come out of this organization against the state, which unregistered, illegal, of the sect — you will have big problems.

Dozens of people have experienced this kind of pressure, and some people could not stand and written waivers. For the third time the Ministry of Justice does such a "test", which looks more like some kind of special operation or bombing. We realize what you need fight what you need act, no matter what decisions the Ministry of Justice. And we realize that the time will come, and those people who were involved in bullying, and those people who are prepared here these criminal securities will be held accountable. "

Commenting on the claims of the Ministry of Justice regarding quotas, Seviarynets noted that "in reality, the Ministry of Justice is playing by the rules, invented on the fly." He noted that all was in accordance with the law:

"This is an illegal decision, which want to give at least some sort of legal. Nothing legal here. This is all the pressure, lawlessness and a decision formulated in Lukashenko's administration. "

According Sevyarinets, Ministry of Justice has been tasked to call white black and BCD announce a bunch of criminals:

"History Surhan who allegedly bit her finger at the policeman, it's just classic. He served six months for the fact that police beat her head against the floor. And in fact, he had served for white-red-white flag is raised at the bus stop. As for Soldatenko, which has a specific criminal record, any person with a criminal record has the right to repent, to become a normal citizen. "

According Sevyarinets, the party will continue to exist, will be stronger and more effective:

"The calls we respond strongly and thorough work. In early November, we will have a National Council, and we formulate a strategy for the further conduct. BCD will act legally, semi-legally, illegally. BCD will live, fight and win. "

BCD third party filed for registration. Whether it will conduct a new constituent assembly will decide the National Council.



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