Shport direct deputy ministers in areas with complex fire situation

Khabarovsk Territory Governor Vyacheslav Shport Tuesday ordered to send deputy heads of regional ministries in areas where the sum is the most complex situation with forest fires.

"Today has signed the order in which the government designated responsible edge on particularly busy areas. Deputy People in grades go there and will be in and coordinate the actions of local authorities and the Ministry of Emergency Situations", — told reporters Shport.

According to the order, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Transport edge Bogdan Musyanovich sent to Sovetskaya Gavan and Vanino District, head of the administration of the Ministry of Natural Resources Victor Mitrofanov in Ulchi District and Natural Resources Deputy Minister Vyacheslav Kovalev in Komsomol and sunny areas.

According to the Governor, the forest fire situation remained tense. On Tuesday, the province recorded some 49 fires, 12 of which are localized.

"To fight the fire thrown all forces and means edge and MOE. But while the number of fires is stagnating as extinguish fires, and there is the same number of new ones. Usually 10-12, in those day there were six" — said Shport.

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