Siberian scientists have developed a way to protect homes from earthquakes


8 on the Richter scale — nothing dangerous. So consider Novosibirsk scientists who patented a new method of protecting buildings from damage during earthquakes and explosions. At the test site, together with the authors develop gone correspondents of "Messages".

"We have tamed the negative stiffness, instability companion" — say about the invention of its authors. This is the principle they are still successfully used in the design of vibration isolation seats. Now scientists set sights on a new scale — have come up with how to use this method to protect the building from damage during earthquakes and explosions.

Igor Nikiforov, head of the research laboratory "Security and Safety Technologies" SibSUTI, said: "The strength of our method is that 99% of stroke does not reach the object."

His words confirm the results of the authors of the development of field tests. The fluctuations of his fear of pairwise connected console cables. With the explosion in the mine this design is subjected to an earthquake shock 6-8 points. Each test at the site of a pilot plant instrumentation fix special cameras that take pictures with the image frequency of 210 frames per second and capture the slightest hesitation. When playing a clearly visible — the unprotected part of the design of the shock begins to literally leap protected — is real.

Andrey Nikiforov, a leading specialist laboratory for dynamic and seismic effects, said: "In any case, the dynamic effects themselves are smoothed over time and smoothed out by force. And part of seismic effects at this time is stored in the system itself and in the future they are dispersed by the forces of interaction . "

Preliminary calculations have shown that the technology does not require large expenditures for construction. It can be applied to the reconstruction of the existing frame buildings. In the near future to the present invention will introduce Emergencies and representatives of the five regions of Siberia, where there are earthquake zones. For a start, scientists offer to protect strategic sites. For example, power plants and hospitals in potential earthquake sources.

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