Signatures put: whether the union?

After putting signatures on the commission for the nomination of presidential candidates in the media reported that some of the candidates is going in the next few days to begin consultations on the association. In a statement released on the eve of the Council of the Belarusian intellectuals urged to choose a single candidate.

On Statkevich, the purpose of today's meeting of the representatives of the democratic forces in the first place is to discuss the opposition action on November 24, marking the anniversary of the 1996 referendum. This campaign — an initiative of the "Young Front" and "Belarusian Christian Democracy". However, the iPad for not rule out that the Monday meeting will also be used to attempt to join:

"I have little faith that we will arrive at a single. Indeed, even if one of those who gathered one hundred thousand signatures to abandon the idea, the single will be gone. And there are two who categorically rejects this — Mr. Sannikov and Mikhalevich . We supported a "European Coalition" the idea of the Party of Freedom and Progress Vladimir Novosyad establishment of the Council of Democratic candidates as the main body of the political opposition. now need administrative organ of the opposition. All coalitions are inferior to the background. us until the 24th should formalize our relationship as at least. "

To take part in the general meeting in the near future as planned Nyaklyayeu, Andrei Sannikov, Yaroslav Romanchuk, Gregory Kastusyou and Vitaly Rymashevski. However, Mr Sannikov believes that agree on a single candidate too early:

"I do not know who really put together one hundred thousand signatures. I know who could muster. This Nekljaev, Romanchuk and our group. And as for the rest I have questions. Secondly, this period to collect signatures when several groups went several Democratic candidates, has been very successful. He promoted the mobilization and participation of people. To us not lose this momentum. And speaking of all democratic forces together, we raised nearly twice as much than in past elections. So there have to be weighed all moments. "

According to Vladimir Neklyaeva, consultations are going on but the only candidate can only be obtained after registration. The only required in order that he could "nayvazhki time to take a quick and important decisions independently, so they are to be effective, and worked to win." Mr. Nekljaev going to take part in the discussion of the shares on November 24, "when you can get people into the pre-space":

"This is the anniversary of the referendum, and it was planned that this day will be the last day of registration, and to provide some sort of pressure to ensure that all valid registered. But now, the CEC said that he would try to place nearer the day of registration. I'm not sure what the 24 th to be held some rehearsal space. should probably still think it to be the best solution. "

On Anatoly Lebedko, UCP will decide on the 24th later:

"It is important that all adopted one scenario. Indeed, it is impossible to come to celebrate the registration of some, while others call for a boycott of the election campaign. Such dissonance may not sound at the joint event."

Rada of the Belarusian intelligentsia candidates sent their appeal to immediately unite and choose a single candidate, require the authorities to conduct fair and transparent elections. Chairman of the Board Vladimir Kolos said:

"If you need the help of the Council of the intelligentsia in this case, we are ready to help. But unacceptable that this process has begun its course, according to the scenario, which writes the authorities."


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