Sinkhole on one of the main streets of Quito became the evacuation of dozens of families

Sinkhole in Quito, EcuadorThe day before yesterday at 23:19 Emergency Service Central Office Fire Department received a report of Quito failure, formed in connection with damage to the main water pipe in the street Eloy Alfaro in Carolina Park, north of the capital of Ecuador. The accident was caused, most likely, the construction of a 12-storey building in the street Francisco Andrade Marin. Collapsed wall containment and pipeline damage, resulting in soil formed failure depth of 22 meters under the ground was almost the entire roadway. Three people — a woman, a man and three children — were hospitalized with injuries in hospital Vilyaflora in the south of Quito.

Emergency units arrived on the scene to evacuate the 42 families who live in the surrounding buildings. Employees Emaap (Service for drinking water), Epmmop (road construction), the electric company and the head of the security department of the municipality of Quito sought to maintain control over the situation in order to reduce the damage caused by water leaks. Transport fares was blocked by Eloy Alfaro Street, in the area between Prospect and Republica Shiris, but due to the beginning of the five-day holiday in Ecuador, there were no major traffic jams.

Daniel Arteaga, director of risk management Epmmop, said that failure — unpaved nature, water leak led to the fact that a large amount of wet earth slid down and washed away the side wall, which is part of the foundation of a building under construction. In the morning, after the first estimates of the level of risk, it was found that the risk of further collapse is negligible, so that residents evacuate the building began to return to their homes. Due to damage to the pipeline are still without water residents of certain streets in the north of the Ecuadorian capital.

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