Slavic culture artifacts found in Romania

Discovery made by a professor from the city of Iasi (Romania), suggests: probably lived on this land, people used the oldest form of writing in the world? Made the discovery Vasilenko said that he had found two stone tiles in Handreshti, and they have signs that resemble alphabet Goths, who also like writing Dacians (tribe living on the banks of the Danube) Tartar writing (As it is known, was called Tartary Russia) — is more than 5500 years before Christ. Slavs, a little familiar with the legacy of literature and views of our Ancestors, it should be understood that it is — approx. edition of Facts and Hypotheses. Along with that found a large amount of residual pottery and flint tools. Findings are unique to this area, but researchers have yet to determine the value of the product and messages on their age, — the portal Buna Ziua Iasi (Iasi portal). More news dated September.

Since we do not know Romanian, had to give a short snippet of what we have to understand the text of expelling a few translators. If someone can write better, we'll be happy!

Below is the image gallery of the Romanian finds (other picture you can see the link in the article). Also for comparison, the Santee Dacian, which were found in the XIX century here in Romania, and several variants of Slavic Literature.

For comparison — Slavic runes. Unfortunately, we could not find a tragi. Glagolitic for this kind of writing is clearly not similar. If there are more comparisons, offer!

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