Slavic Kremlin Vitaly Sundakova

Founded Russian pathfinder Sundakovym Vitaly (Svetoslav), son of Vladimir in summer 7514 (2005) in memory of the great ancestor, the glory of the Russian land.

Any people to return to their own number system to their primary spiritual values in their original space coordinates in energy and information matrix of the Russian people, he also manifested and treated — says founder on its website of the Kremlin. Return words, meanings, symbols, images, memory — everything flows in the blood, pressed for centuries and erupts in genetic memory. We need the attic and his chambers, towers and mansions, grandmother gatherings and refectories, dance, wedding, nevestenskie, fairy tales and folk tales …

Slavic Kremlin is in Moscow in Lagovsky rural settlement near the villages and Valischevo Lopatkina.

On Wikipedia Kremlin called "private museum". He has his own website:

The filming of the documentary Michael Zadornov "Rurik. Lost profits "is being held in the Kremlin. Photo below made there Mikhail Zadornov and his team during the filming.

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