Snowfall in the U.S. victims were three men

WASHINGTON, Oct. 30. Due to hit the northeastern U.S. Snowfall 2.5 million people were without power, three people were killed. According to BBC, referring to the television channel Channel Six News, two people died from electric shock downed power lines, another was killed in an accident on a slippery road.

Local officials said that the most snowfall was recorded in Massachusetts. There, the National Weather Service (NWS) recorded a maximum 58.4 cm snow in the early morning of Friday. In addition, there is a heavy snowfall in New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Connecticut and several other cities and states. In turn, the government of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have declared a state of emergency.

Add that snowfall has also left some 2.5 million people without electricity. Officials warned that this number may increase as improvement in the weather on Sunday is not expected.

In addition, as previously reported, the snow did not affect the life of Washington.

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