Soul Forest

Pray for others like Ognev barn and forks, and Mokosh and Simargl and Perun, and Rod and rozhanits, and all others like substance similar to those … and worship duplinam, ubrustsam obveshivayusche.

Treefolk whole life, until the last corner was saturated with their forest faith, born in fresh resinous breath of the desert, where a man was so insignificant, but God so close and big. The most characteristic, the sharpest feature of this forest was her faith boundless freedom. In one ancient scripture is beautiful and profound place: all the pagan gods and can not be counted, — says the chronicler — everyone then his god had.

Every man has to have his God shower mirror of the mysteries of the world contain in themselves only what they can hold. And then it affected particularly bright. And so dark Treefolk understood this need for freedom for people in the mysterious realm of faith, that they did not even have any of the priests, who always turn this freedom into bondage brutal. In front of the person Treefolk gods were only those in whose heart the secret prophetic voices were particularly hard hit.

When the distant descendants of Treefolk look back now back, it seems that back nothing but gross superstitions, was not. But it is very naive delusion: only progressive hairdressers so omniscient newspaper people, seeing the airplane, it seems that they are madly forward. Understand life in its depths can only be refused on these children's illusions. People thought then, and often they are young, fresh and are free of debris century thought, the thought is not for sale, without a thought to bear her proud signature, thought to himself, thought for thought, the thought was profound and life-giving. And very early, even before any "history", no one knows these thinkers in lime Lapotko felt and realized that for the eternal mystery of the world is a game. And this mystery gave Treefolk name Svarog, the One God, the God of gods, all lighting, all the life-giving, and fall down of forests and steppes, they worshiped him tenderly …

But these forest steppe poets and thinkers, in the quiet of their deserts opened the main thing in life, suffered the same fate, which through centuries and millennia suffered other anointed of God: they are bright revelations proved too much for their fellow Treefolk. Their thought is refracted in these small and timid souls, broken into pieces, multicolored, and here beside Svarog, the One God, the Light of the unseen world, appeared from Him coming Svarozhich gods, his children, more close to the people, more than they understand. In fact, they were all the same Svarog, but they could see, hear, feel, and is native to them, it was a soothing and pleasant. How to bring a thank or propitiatory sacrifice unseen God of Light? And no single parchment, from the burned down centuries survivor, not a single word about the sacrifices of Svarog. He was, and that was quite enough, and talked with people coming from him Svarozhich His incarnation for people.

Foremost among the numerous and often vague Svarozhich stood sun-god, Dazhbog or Horse, annually, to make his case, the dying and the same year of winter back from the dead, in order to re-animate the ground was warm extinct in breathing cold iron life. Glittering golden chariot, the great god made his daily life-giving earth detour, and when, it happened, evil spirits, wrapped in a blue menacing clouds, trying to destroy him, once the rescue Horse was his brother Svarozhich Perun and rattling his golden mace so that shook the whole earth, and rolling in gold arrows Razilov right and left Horsa enemies, the enemies of life, while the third Svarozhich, Stribog, the god of winds, tore them to pieces, and took off. And the elders of magicians, Veshchunov, nymphs, full noble wisdom, magic vedaniya, veschstva, piously inclined to the forces of divine and whispered fiercely, "high gods, great, terrible, walking in thunder, lightning has, which traces of clouds and winds of the last corners of the earth, calling sea water, opens the abyss of heaven Created by lightning, commanding odozhditi clouds rain upon the earth — yes izvedet us, your children, the bread in the victuals and grass cattle … "Posted

Next to these inspiring sacred terror his power, but beneficent gods man stood Svarozhich Veles, the god of cattle, a high and a great shepherd the flock nightly chaseth away star on the celestial pastures. He was the protector of herds and the earth, and trade, and love playing the harp yarovchatyh, favored singers who so willingly listened Treefolk and for which great art styled their grandchildren Veles and were confident that good singer miluyut gods … Posted ua

And lived in the heavenly courts Mokosh light, the moon goddess, patroness of women, postpartum women, and through them kind. Women are particularly honored her at the right time put her secretly meal. Especially solemnly prayed for her, the goddess of light, the women in the early fall, and why were these last golden days of fun called "Indian summer" …

And besides these gods Svarozhich was a considerable amount of non-terrestrial gods and idols: and Semargl, the god of fire, and Jarilo-Lado, bright god of spring, the god of earthly love, and forks, air virgin life, and Beregin Mavka, mermaids they lived in the souls of the dead. In the forest, living green, ostrogolovy devil, the great mischief in the fields — grandfather Polevik in the yard — homes, ancestral spirit, the spirit of family, Schur, ancestor. When a forest man built himself a new house, the first thing he reverently migrates the coals from the old hearth and gently saying: "Welcome, my grandfather, to a new habitation …" And Brownie gladly follow him …

And feeling around confused soul movement of the mysterious forces of life, Treefolk believed into every undead, creepy, faceless, nameless, believed in the evil werewolves, believed in the souls of the ancestors, invisible blyuduschih over their offspring. But most of all he believed in life: the carnival, he exhibited the first attempt on the hearing for their pokoynichki little window, and at the first thaw, said: "Parents breathe." Warmth exuded in life from parents graves, not cold. And hardly seems in the mountains, on protalinkah — he liked to put his pokoynichki on high, "red" sites — the first blade of grass, they attributed them to hurry holy Radunitsa feed and, to the grave, to make this spring meal with childbirth labor. This is the time and was called the Red Hill. Red not only in ancient times, but a thousand years later in the vernacular is not only beautiful (maiden), but sunny: the house, in the village who are looking windows in the sun, and now are called the red side. And Belarusians and hitherto this joyous springtime days grandfathers name. And old zaklikali pokoynichki, urging them to feast together, and the young people at this time of military games heart flattered and spinning yarkotsvetnymi dances in the fields "mezhyu Selah," and sang songs bright Lada, god of love and life, and a fine young man under cover abduct his tune . And all around, in all zazelenevshey ground, singing, noise, loved, happy arrived from Irja birds pokoynichki soul. And not just in the small birds were entered souls of the departed, but also in the elegant butterfly and beetle — everything. It was quick, it was prophetic, that is, knowledge of the secret, inexpressible executed, it was — one …

If transports guests who came to trade and Polenitsa daring that came with the prince for the tribute, quietly introduced into this life elusive new notes, in turn, and they breathed forest secrets, this gray-haired soul obeyed beliefs. Not all of them were clearly and distinctly, but that's the beauty of a home: life, thank the gods Most Lucent, not trading account! Not to believe in the mystery of the forests was impossible in the deserts of the stellar night spoke powerfully into the soul of the one who lives at the same time and over the stars and in the depths of the human soul, contemplating the stars. They, with their own eyes have seen between the trunks of the mighty forest foggy devil heard on forest slums his whistle, his wild cries, splashing his hands, heard him, all breaking, running away from them thicket. Did not he ozoruya, knocked them out of the way once-dorozhenki in broad daylight and started to rzhavtsy boundless in dryagvy impassable? .. They, with their own eyes saw vzvihrivaet, playing, water dead-water, and in the evening, after sunset, in the moonlight they saw the light of mermaids dance round the dormant canes. And do not shout it over their heads mysterious div [2], at the top of the tree klichuschy-dupliny? .. If they do not do the undead in the way of all sorts of MOD and a comma? .. Do not sear their souls at night, by the fire, at a halt, volshvenoe kingdom dewy grass, nerukodelnoe but wisely arranged? Does not their eyes blinded Perun gromonosny his golden arrows, one stroke in front of them piled oak mnogoohvatny? And even those few who do not know what made this new absurd faith in the crucified God, in such moments felt the power of the gods of old. So when their comrades, alien faith is not involved, with his knees in the shade of century-old oaks, the thundering loudly Studentsov begged the gods of the Russian land, then they dualism, fell down with them …

[2] — The unfortunate misfortune.

Nazhivin Ivan
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