Spontaneous awakening of the Russian people

Spontaneous awakening of the Russian peopleToday — December 11, 2010, the people, the unfortunate piece of land the size of a seventh surface of the Earth, called Russia for the first time in many years may feel — people. For the first time in many years. Thanks to whom? Thanks — a handful of teenagers from the fan movement of FC "Spartak" and allies from other Moscow "firms."

First time in many years, in the heart of a sinister web of Russophobe in Horde flowing gold and shit — Moscow, gathered free people, loudly and vehemently say — "enough." Enough ethnic thugs who kill pedestrians because of the broad gray spin selling "levoohraniteley" Enough arbitrary rule covering the killers. Cry, though not graceful, but very, very loud — well heard in the Kremlin.

Otherwise does not explain instantaneous panic reaction hitherto iron Kremlin power. The murder case fan, then it was taken under control by the General Prosecutor's Office — went to the first arrest murderers and accomplices. Power in the secret hope that this will be enough and "manual ultrasonic inspection of cattle" nodded happily, will fill the mountain beer and "fire water." A year ago, so it can happen. But not now.

Despite the cold, despite the vague promises of the Interior Ministry to overclock the hell out of any unauthorized rally despite treatment leading fan movement, people took to the streets. According to various sources in mass rallies, attended by more than ten — twelve thousand. Winter-stress. Striking the highest level of organization of the event and outspoken anti-police methods fail.

The first data on the expected stock appeared on the Internet, only 8 December. The authorities knew about it and were not going to allow it. In spite of this action took place, in full, surpassing performance expectations. The point here is not in the "massacre"-on Manezh Square. The fact that KREMLYADI, used to wipe their dirty about Russian hooves, guided by two principles known from the time of Nicholas Palkina-not "tolerate" and "would not dare."

December 11 — PEOPLE — dare. And autocratic power, immediately forgetting overbearing roar and crack the whip — was wagging his tail and trying to keep a good face on a very bad game. It became clear that all the colossal army of police, riot police, riot police, dozens of informers and provocateurs that are embedded in social movements, can not do anything. Nothing at all. Polizei took three attempts, that would push fans on Manezh Square. And after a long, humiliating power-negotiation.

Now you can make the obvious conclusion. KREMLYADI-afraid of direct action. Afraid to knock his teeth to stomach cramps. No, the power is not afraid of three dozen "dissent" of unknown color and nationality. They are afraid of thousands of Russian-which goes beyond Duremara painted in plain clothes, "red flags."

The price of all these endless, tearful "letters the president," the fortress-like petitions, which are tens of scribbling in a variety of instances — "hide", "Marines" and other musty public, also became clear on December 11. They are not worth a penny, compared to thousands of Russian teenagers with fireworks, cutting off Leningrad Prospect. And all the "people's councils", "front" and "unions" — led by aging provocateurs and professional failures, for twenty years of its verbiage — not done what they did ten thousand men in the arena. They made the power — to hear the voice of awakening from centuries of darkness of the Russian nation.

The first step has been taken, the experience obtained. Before sleeping opens previously unseen, new world.
When the sleeping giant wakes up and straighten his stiff shoulders — if he sees vskhodyaschie, the fierce sun. The sun of freedom. Russian freedom.

Ivan Pomortsev December 11, 2010.

Editorial: Editorial ARI prepares a number of analyzes on the events on Manezh Square and their consequences. The materials will be available in the next few hours.

On Monday, the transfer of the "Russian view" broadcasting "ARI Radio" will be devoted to these events. We try to give the impression of witnesses and opinions of Russian politicians. Transmission start as usual at 22 o'clock GMT.

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