Statue of the god of fire found in the Mexican pyramid — VIDEO

February 14, 2013 19:31

Unexpected finding in the famous Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan. Archaeologists have discovered a sculpture Ueueteotlya — the fire god, revered by the ancient Indians, about six thousand years ago.

The statue is located in the Mexican attractions at the height of 66 meters. Next to her, discovered several well-preserved objects made of green stone. Rather, they decorated the church, located at the top of the pyramid once. Over time, statues fell into depression, which lay 1500.

[Nelly Zu Nunets Rendon, archaeologist]

"We realized that we were dealing with a looted tomb. When we continued to dig, they found several objects: a block of green stone sculpture big old god — unlike previously found in Teotihuacan, and the monolith of green stone, which we call the stele, at a depth of 5 meters in a looted tomb. "

Height found sculptures of ancient gods is 58 inches, and her weight — 190 pounds. Maybe it was used in rituals on fire at the end of calendar cycles.

Perhaps finding will help scientists learn more about the civilization, during which Teotihuacan was built. And figure out why in the period around the year 700 AD the city was abandoned.

Reputed archaeologists, the temple, which was at the top of the pyramid, was destroyed by the inhabitants of the city.

[Alejandro Sarabia, archaeologist]

"The temple was destroyed by the inhabitants of Teotihuacan in the late fifth century, at the beginning of the sixth. They destroyed the temple, but left the architectural elements, they ignored them. We assume they were looking for the altar. "

Teotihuacan — The oldest and most famous archaeological site in Mexico. The main building of the pyramid of the sun, enjoys very popular during the spring equinox. Crowds of tourists climb the day at the top of the pyramid, to celebrate the return of the sun in the northern hemisphere.

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