STC Russia has transported 10 millionth passenger airport Pulkovo

  November 15, AEX.RU — Today the airport "Pulkovo" has gone to travel the 10 millionth passenger air harbor of St. Petersburg. Jubilee passenger departing flights of "Airline" Russia »FV 403 from St. Petersburg — Ekaterinburg, the press service of the airline" Russia. "

  • An-148-100B airline "Russia" photo from
  • An-148-100B airline "Russia" photo from

"Lucky was from St. Petersburg Alexander Niculae, the player of volleyball club" Dynamo "Leningrad, departing with her team in the away match. Alexander awarded valuable gifts from the Pulkovo Airport and airline" Russia ", which prepared for the lucky certificate for a free flight two passengers in each direction operations of the company. 10,000,000 passengers served — this is an absolute record in the history of the St. Petersburg airport. Notably, this is a momentous event took place in the 80-year anniversary of "Pulkovo", — said the airline.
"We congratulate our immediate colleagues and partners — Pulkovo airport management company" Northern Capital Gateway "on this momentous occasion. Certainly an honor and a pleasure to be his direct participants. STC "Russia" is historically based in Pulkovo and carry approximately 40% of all passengers traveling through the St. Petersburg airport. For decades, our company strive for a common goal — the development of the transport system of the city, creating a comfortable environment for passengers, and we will continue to move in this direction in the future. I am confident in front of us waiting for new records! "- Said Deputy General Director for Commerce airline" Russia "Dmitry Zvonarev.
On the day of the meeting the 10 millionth passenger airport plunged into the 70th year of the XX century — the golden age of Russian aviation. Staff at the front desk tried retro uniforms, the halls were established models of the machine with carbonated water and telephone booths, passengers were treated to a cockerel on a stick and handed red carnations. Everyone could send greeting cards to family and friends, and join the organized on the occasion of the flash mob, specified in the airline

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