Suburbs elite settlements occur

Zvenigorod near Moscow threatened elite building was a historic district Dunino.
While there are the ancient Slavic settlement, and Orthodox churches with unique frescoes and monuments of the Great Patriotic War, but more recently the area was devoid of the historical status of the settlement.

"Here it is here, in the complex plan to build 28 houses. Here offer to sell the project "Riverlands", that the Moscow River, this divided land. Based on some one-room house, some for two, "- say the advocates of historical monuments

Temple of Archangel Michael for a few hours into a spontaneous resistance headquarters cottage building. Instead of the prayer book on the table card Duninskogo archaeological complex. A group of local residents and enthusiasts scratching their heads over how to stop the destruction of a unique monument of history. It looks like this: three plot, the largest of them — a little more than five acres. Plots are located near the Rublevo-Uspensky highway. Back in 2005 the government gave them the Moscow region of "Zvenigorodskaya investment corporation" in rent for individual housing construction.

Scientific Secretary of the Fund rescue Duninskogo archaeological complex Igor Fedorov indignant: "The announcement of the sale of brazen hanged just before the residence of Medvedev. Later, however, they took off … I mean, they are not afraid of anything! ".

Heart archaeological ensemble — mound. Decree of the President of Russia from 1995, it declared a monument of federal importance. Historical value of the surrounding areas — a reason to argue. Paradox: to dig, climb relics — and the land immediately loses its historical value and gets a chance to get under construction. It has already happened. The chief architect of Zvenigorod Vladimir Semochkin recalled: "One of Selishche already excavated. This selishche number three, and it is now free. "

Ensemble bears traces of Bronze and Iron, as well as early Slavic and ancient settlements. If antiquities scientists have already on hand, the evidence of events 65 years ago are literally underfoot. During the Second World War there were fierce battles for Moscow. This is where the line passed defense. Land still rich in signs of the times and artifacts. For example, there were found "shirt" of grenades and mines stabilizer. There's even a bell made of shells from the broken shell "Katyusha". My mother is afraid that the source Baptist would also be under attack, "Realtors came and showed it all, and said that to build a fence here, and all will be your side of the fence. And the cost of a site called — $ 5 million for the land. "

Such trading is nowhere written. So-called "caste" of the transaction — only for their own. Developer Maxim Leshchev accompanied Prishvin forest land sale, the same one where the estate of the famous Russian writer. "The area is a forest, the forest of the first category. Value of the land at the moment — 25 thousand dollars for a hundred. This is for wholesale, for 10 acres. This, I am sorry, more than 25 million dollars, "- he said.

In the administration of Zvenigorod respond that nothing about such sales, they do not know. The complex provides only recreational buildings. The chief architect of Zvenigorod says: "Understand and terrain, and the proximity of historic monuments. Perhaps this will be small chalet. "

Now construction is stopped. In the hands of local residents — an order from the General Prosecutor's Office. However, dunintsy dissolve their "headquarters" did not intend. While there were courts and conducted official correspondence with various agencies here have time to grow a number of houses, and the ax fell a few acres of forest.

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