Surge of suicide in the middle of the American soldier, one suicide a day

Surge of suicides among U.S. soldiers, one suicide per day

Suicide in the middle of U.S. troops by 50% more than those killed in fighting with the Taliban, writes Francesco Tortora in the material posted on the Web site of the newspaper Corriere della Sera.

"The number of suicides in the U.S. military over the past decade was a record. Most of those who took his own life, have served in Afghanistan. During the first 155 days in 2012 154 U.S. soldiers have committed suicide: an average of one suicide a day "- the newspaper writes.

"A similar statistics alarmed South American military top. Over the previous two years, the number of suicides has stabilized, and this year the Pentagon analysts predicted a reversal of the situation," — report creator Article.

"Because of suicides South American armed forces lose 50% more troops than the end of combat operations against the Taliban. Highest number of suicides among those who have a few years under his belt role in the hostilities. But a significant part of the military, who decided to retire from life, never been on the front lines. causes of suicide are prolonged stress as a result of a long stay at the front, post-traumatic prepyadstviya, once receiving pharmaceuticals and South American economy is weak, unable to provide jobs for veterans returning home, "- writes Article creator.

"Defense Minister Leon Panetta said the U.S. is not so long ago:" It is necessary to remove the prejudices that strike the soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress and other problems of the mental disposition. We must be intolerant of those who are ostracized or humiliated those who need help and Professor who applies for such a deliberately "- report Article creator.

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