Sverhtehnologichny pineapple: selectively kills

High-tech grenade: selectively kills

At this point, the technological level of equipment of the troops headed for transcendent results. Modern armies already have a grenade that hit the underwater target is sprayed gas are videotaped or emit tiny UAV. But the South American military engineers have set for ourselves puzzle to make "smart" grenade new generation. Ammunition, keeping an eye on the enemy, waiting for a comfortable option for detonation, besides looks, so in the affected area were not peaceful inhabitants.

Making a request to the commercial sector, the Pentagon is seeking a grenade flying drone-capable, in case of danger to the peace population or his men, to break his goal. Based on the name, «A Hovering Tube-Launched Micromunition», we can conclude: mikroboepripas will plan and run from a grenade launcher tube. Information about the method of starting and caliber now missing. Presumably this will be a one-time small container transport and starting with a new "smart" ammunition or as an option, grenades, 40-mm caliber grenade launcher.

A fascinating feature is the opportunity control the flight path grenades operator-gunner after it goes into planning mode. Flight distance is 965 meters grenades, time finding a controlled flight 10 minutes. In time planning operator has opportunity use for the study area small day / infrared camera and receive GPS-coordinates of the chosen target to the screen.

The troops who have the weapon, the open notable abilities. Let's say there is a need to explore the room on the 14th floor. Launching the "smart" grenade, using cameras operator studying the subject and, if necessary, gives the command to destruction. According to its features of this round is very reminiscent Switchblade, but has much the smallest size and faster to bring it into a combat-ready state.

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