Tacit knowledge in the tale of Kolobok

All read the tale of the balls, but no one asked the question, "What knowledge hidden in this tale?". Would you like to know? Then learn to read between the lines. I will not be quoted verbatim text of the tale, as the main thing for us is that it is written, but how it is written.

Once upon a time an old man and an old woman. And they wanted to bake a loaf yourself. Note that we are not talking about the people of middle age, but a very old man with no indication of their age. In this case, we can say that they have existed forever. And the only eternal being considered gods. Thus, in the early tales talking about God and the Goddess, who wished to create a human.

They scraped bottom of the barrel, pomelo and barns they have collected flour. In this action, concluded the first phase of the human being. The first man's body was made of the smallest sub-particles that have no been stitched together, but the desire. This astral body was that is was like a cloud of dust, which can change shape under the influence of emotions.

She took the old water and kneaded the dough from the flour. Water is energy, which are connected by those subunits, of which man was created. Note that this work did not the old man (God), and the old woman (the Goddess). The second man's body was like a test, which can then rise, then fall down and can still change shape. You can tell that the person was looking for the most appropriate life-body density. This body was essential.

BLIND bun, put it in the preheated oven. When it was found the most appropriate life-body density was finally determined and reproduced as its form. However, this form must be fixed, and that was done by the energy of fire. Man received a physical body.
Bun pulled out of the oven and placed on the window sill to cool down, cooled by breezes. Wind energy is the energy of the spiritual. Wind breathed soul into the bun (man).
Bun sun shone, and revived bun and wondered, "What's he doing here? '. Solar energy has given a Bun (human) mind. This is the spark of God, which is in the soul of any person (spirit). It includes not only our Sun, giving everything on earth energy of life, but also the Sun God (core of the Universal Mind), is endowed with human consciousness.

Thus, we get an idea of the creation of man is much imagery, precise and detail than is given in the Bible. This tale opens and infant baptism in ancient Rus. The word baptism comes from the word cross, which symbolizes the connection together the four elements: water, fire, wind (air) and light (the sun). Baptism took place immediately after birth and consisted in the following steps: a newborn washed with water, introducing him to her and asking for water protection of newborn baby then delivered to the burning of the hearth (oven), introduces him to the fire and asking for the fire protection of the newborn and then carried out and the wind and the sun were asking and their bearing on the newborn. Conducted this ceremony necessarily patriarch or the father. Thus, baptism at Russian Gentiles was logically complete the magical effect, providing child protection and protection of the four elements, through which God manifests himself in the world. Christianity has left a ritual full of his stump, twisting so that it is not clear what kind of patronage question, and called it a mystery nepodobstvo ritual.

Quickened, Gingerbread Man (man), who was created by God-an old man and an old woman, goddess, went traveling. This trip bun symbolizes all human life, for which a person is tested character.

Gingerbread hare met — a man is tested for cowardice (hare always a symbol of cowardice). But not afraid bun hare. Ran away from him.

Met bun wolf — man is tested for anger and hatred (the wolf is always a symbol of evil.) But left bun from the wolf.

Gingerbread met a bear — a man is tested by greed for power (the bear represented the owner of the forest: a symbol of power.) But the bear escaped bun.

Gingerbread fox met — a man is tested for resistance to cunning and flattery. It was then, bun and a blunder. Succumbed to flattery and cunning to trust that he and ruined.

That's how the Slavic soul: and power over other people does not appeal, and anger in my heart for a long time does not hold, and not afraid for the country at a difficult time, but trust and failure to recognize the trick always leads to trouble. From this tale, we can conclude that it is important to learn to recognize the Slav flattery and cunning adventurers trust, and live your heart and mind. And it's not just words, and the prophecy which confirmed the historical events of the last millennium:

The first test of the Russian people were in the beginning of the millennium, when Christian preachers and prophets began to threaten punishment of God and prophesy doom to all who would believe in the Church of Christ. The hope was that the Russian scare "punishment for the sins of" obey the churchmen, and they can be managed as a herd. A smaller part of the people believed it and was "otmalivat sins", the rest of the people are not only bent to the side of the church, and began to make fun of the priests and monks, writing about them proverbs.

The second challenge for the Russian was the Mongol-Tatar yoke. The calculation of the dark forces was the fact that, under the Mongol-Tatar yoke of Russian rage, rise up and destroy the roots all the Mongoloid race. However, this calculation is not justified: the Russian, though angry, but not embittered. After winning several battles, Russian Tatars left alone and allowed to form even Kazan and Crimean Khanate.

The third challenge for the Russian people has been the expansion of the empire. Russian tried to make conquerors and tyrants, to enslave other people. However, this idea failed. Russian, though someone won the king ordered, oppressors and tyrants do not want to become, and assimilated with the local people, sharing their fate. It should be made clear that there is a real gap between "Muscovite" and "Russian". The thing is that the "Muscovites" — residents of the capital, imposing their will on the country and the "case history" of the hands of Russian Russians, neither genetically or spiritually are not Russian. Most of them carry a Jewish "leaven" morbid desire for power over the people.

The fourth test of Russian became a socialist hoax (red fox — red flags). Beguiled the Russian people the idea of building a better future — a paradise on earth, the leaders of the revolution organized red genocide. At first, people were divided into two warring camps. However, they were killing each other bad, not on the Bible, and after the Civil War was still a lot of people. Then across the country staged a hunger for people to literally eat each other, and mass migration to chop off the ancestral roots. The aim is to destroy not a single nation, but the abolition of all caste landowners to convert others into obedient laborers. And on top of all the Russian land was directed "brown plague" — fascism. And the dark forces have already celebrated the victory. They thought that they already "chew" of the Russian people, turning them into obedient puppets, but they were wrong. Within two generations, the Russian people has revived his mind and refused flattering and false ideas of socialism, choosing spiritual freedom.

Ended the dark era of Pisces. Almost out naprorochennye test. A new era — the era of Aquarius, the era of the revived consciousness of Great Russia. This happens without fail. It is not a symbol of the Russian people is a toy "Roly-Poly". This toy can stand as long as it does not start to kick and overwhelm one side. That's when she shows his hidden from view quality: the ability to get up.

© Copyright: Konstantin Lipski

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