Taiwans armed forces are considering buying the MBT M-1 Abrams from the U.S. Armed Forces

Taiwan's armed forces are considering buying the MBT M-1 "Abrams" from the U.S. Armed Forces

Taiwan is considering opportunity buy M-1 tanks "Abrams" from the U.S. Armed Forces. Namely, it is about those tanks that are used South American contingent in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It was reported earlier that the U.S. wants to realize a significant amount of armored vehicles, used by South American contingent in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as its return to the United States economically inexpedient. Sale of excess armored vehicles will translate into a greater extent in the Central Asian countries and the Middle East regions. In the list of potential sales were included armored vehicles of different types and number of samples of armored fighting vehicles. Part of the MBT "Abrams" after repair and overhaul (at facilities in the United States) is transmitted sun Iraq. On the ability of the MBT "Abrams" Taiwan is mentioned for the first time.

As reported by the agency "Agence France Presse," referring to the Ministry of Defence of the island, the main purpose of the purchase — the modernization of the armored vehicles NE Taiwan.

M-1 "Abrams", adopted for service in the U.S. Army in 1980, is the main battle tank of the third generation.

As the "AFP" purchase MBT M-1 "Abrams" tank fleet upgrade will allow Sun Taiwan, which numbers about 600. M-60 and M-48, and more obsolete light tanks M-41.

At the current time, NE Taiwan evaluate programs from purchase MBT and costs associated with it, including the establishment of the necessary infrastructure support.

According disk imaging "United Daily News" answering questions from the parliamentarians, the Deputy Minister of Defence Taiwan Chao Shih-chang (Chao Shih-chang) said that the Army expect to receive up to 200 tanks.

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